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Smithing your own artifact (items only from artifact shop)

AuthorSmithing your own artifact (items only from artifact shop)
Making your very own wooden sword from 2 wood would be cool, and then a pheonix dagger ofc...

Players who have increased their smithing level at last 2 levels can even make profit of this. Making your way to smithing lvl 8 is very expensive, why not reward the people who did it?

Gather the things you need and smith the items, at first you will lose money ofc (with 2 wood and lvl 0 smithing you would make a 1/1 wooden sword), but at max level it will give you 10/10 (costs 400 gold, 2 wood cost ~360 gold) so at max level you would make nice profit. Also "machinery" factories would work more than they do now.
Then we would need an additional space, as in

Smithing with enchanting at the same time.

Like that

Smithing, Enchanting and Making your artifacts at the same time.

Lol i didnt see that wooden sword costs 140 gold xD, anyway for an experienced smith its an investment of 120 gold(doesnt have to be a resource) and he gets a wooden sword

Sounds like extra work, I hate extra work

But this also sounds like great chaos to the market system, so overall +1
Well smiths cant make so much money of 90% for 101%

Reward them
Like this idea, considering making weapons was and armour is a big part of a smiths job. Would make sense to say that a production mine could make it cheaper than a smith, but the smith could make it cheaper than the shop sells it for
It's called Smith guild, not Repair guild

Sounds fun +1
Especially when artifacts are out of stock this could be a good source of income
It would also increase facility trading if the armors required material such as mithril, orichalcum etc..

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