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New faction: "Xenith" *just go with it

AuthorNew faction: "Xenith" *just go with it
They come from a place not known to man, from place where even angles and devils didnt set foot. The land shaked hard one day and the magma mines were almost destroyed. A strange portal was opened and something small came out of it, and after that, something bigger.

Faction is based on mehanical units that control the battlefield with their special abilities but lack of damage and defence.

Faction special ability

-Lords troops lose (40-fsl)% of their attack and defence parameters but lord gains a special set of spells.
(lowered parameters are showed in the game)

Lvl 5 lord spells:
-Metal spikes- lord deals 30+sp*8 normal damage on a 3x3 area (10 mana)
-Transformation- lord gains an ability to transform one stack on the battlefield into its upgrade once per battle (40 mana)

Lvl 10 lord spells:
-Better gear- twice per battle lord can give a stack better gear that compensates the lack of lost parameters from passive (20 mana)
-Boost up- gives a lord unit 50% magic damage reduction, +1 speed, +2 initivative but lord moves back by 1.5 on ATB scale.
Lasts 2 turns.
(10 mana)

Lvl 15 lord spells:
-Shock net- Lord throws a shocking net on a 3x3 field that damages every unit and moves them back by 30% on ATB scale. Damage = (spell power*fsl*3)/number of enemies in the area (17 mana)
-Refuel- every lord mehanical unit gets +1 attack and 1 max hp until the end of battle
(3 mana)
Gives 2 attack and hp at lvl 18 and 3 attack and hp at lvl 21.

Unique raical talent

Defence system- when an enemy unit attack your stack they will take 5% of damage dealt. Probability of this is (10+fsl*2)%

Talent tree:
Attack, defence, etrudition, luck, sorcery.


Tier 1

Gatron (low attack, low def, high unit count, low hp, high initivative, 4 speed)
Gatron workers (low attack low def, high unit count, medium hp, extreme initivative, 4 speed)
*(this unit can use repair ability 5 times in one battle)

Tier 2

Drones (medium damage, low def, medium unit count, medium hp, high initivative, 7 speed)
(large creature, mehanical, flyer)
Toknot (medium damage, medium def, medium unit count, medium hp, high initivative, 7 speed)
(large creature, mehanical, flyer, magnetism)

Tier 3

Timblen (high damage, low def, low unit count, high hp, extreme initivate, 1 speed)
(shooter, return fire, large creature)
Timboites (high damage, low def, low unit count, high hp, extreme initivate, 2 speed)
(shooter, return fire, trought shoot, unlimited retaliation, large creature, mehanical)

Tier 4

Galathons (medium attack, meduim def, medium hp, medium unit count, medium initivative, 6 speed)
(mehanical, charge, knockback)
Bugorzian (medium attack, medium def, high hp, medium unit count, high initivative, 7 speed)
(mehanical, charge, knockback, mayhem, stun)

Tier 5

Procator (medium attack, low def, medium hp, medium unit count, high initivative, 4 speed)
(shooter, no range penalty, mehanical)
Pronicols (all same things)
(shooter, no range penalty, mehanical, shreder 30%*, trought shot, carefull aim)
(shreder 30% - lowers targets armor by 30% for 2 turns)

Tier 6

Botonex (low attack, extreme def, extreme hp, low unit count, low initivative, 5 speed)
(mehanical, large creature, fullmetal, large shield, shield ally, cover ally)
Battle botonex (high attack, medium def, medium hp, same unit count, medium initivate, 6 speed)
(mehanical, large creature, fullmetal, large shield, immune to delay, ferocius wound)

Tier 7

Predators (extreme hp, medium def, low hp, medium unit count, extreme initivative, 8 speed)
(area tracking*, stealth technology*, leap, no retaliation)
*area tracking- when this unit is alive, lord and every ally lord can see invisible units and traps on the battlefield
*stealth technology- this unit can be invisible until enemy unit passes by or stands next to it. Every turn this unit is invisible it drains (2+1*turns that stack was invisible) mana from its
*text cant fit* xD

Expert predators (same stats but +1 speed)
(area tracking, stealth technology, leap, no retaliation, fear attack)

This faction can be played as a mage, range, fast or slow but hard to kill tactic.

T6 units can be played like defenders or attackers so the upgrade is not neccecary if you dont wish to play a certain playstyle.

Very interesting idea and good thinking of it. At first i thought it would be no brainer to go for mage build given the unique racial, but if the class only has the spells listed then it gives a good balance to it, as there arent many damaging spells.

Would be interesting to know if this you would fit into a magic school or have its own branch of unique talents possibly.

I imagine a shocking net would fit into air damage branch if keeping with lightning? As a lvl15 playing that faction i would love to put on full mage gear, get around 30sp at fsl12 and do over 1000 damage in the net and slow them :)

thats why i would have thought you would need talents to give a lower effectiveness at base, otherwise if you can have the net doing 1000 damage and still take defence talents then that seems a little op :)

Really like it though overall i mean i would love a mage build that could do crowd control how you describe so well
Honestly love the lord spells. Good job Leo :)

Predators (extreme hp, medium def, low hp, medium unit count, extreme initivative, 8 speed)

extreme hp and low hp for same unit :P
I think one of those hp is attack. A typo :)

Tier 7 predators have extreme attack
I just think this faction is too mana depended. Even if you're going full damage, you need atleast 30 mana so your predator stacks can be invisible. Also the lvl 5 spells are kinda overpowered if you wish to duel. But if you want a transformation, sacrifice attack and get mana + passive attack reduction
I don't care how well thought or balanced it is. My question is: Is refuel stackable ?
Oh it definetly is :D but you also have spells that would be better at certain moments so i dont expect that it would be casted so many times
I dont think it is very good to spam refuel when you have so many better options. Its really only useful with low tiers for the +1 hp, but even then i doubt it is comparable to other stuff that this hero can use.
Well tier 1 has extreme numbers and low hp, imagine giving it refuel 2 times at lvl 21
Not extreme numbers*
High numbers (extreme is like necro and fury barb)
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