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AuthorNix warriors vs. Fatso
Well, before the start of event empire asked all pirates to fill out an application form which include details like attack, defence, abilities etc. Fatso got so drunk that forgot his weight,he thinks of himself being smart and copies weight of witches with little adjustment so that no one doubts him.

Lucky for him imperial guard were so busy in preparing ships, no one notices this anomaly so he got away with it till Max questions it.

So don't make wrong assumption, an armored knight (Nix) don't weight more than a sumo(fatso) unless the knight himself cheets his application form.

While we are at this, I hope someone justifies the reason of variable weights. Maybe at some point of day pirates go hungry and looses weight and gains it back when their have feast ?
This is the same reason why we don't have english translation of some of the abilities, some pirates are local to Kara sea and don't speak english. It takes time for IIC members to interview then about their ability and update their application form.
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