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AuthorTribal Campaign - tribal sprit not reflecting for my troops ???
hi guys i am playing tribal campaign as charmer elf, but i am not getting the tribal spirit for my troops unlike when i play other factions. is this a bug ???
you guys can check my combat logs for current campaign
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // Flood]
Tribal campaign doesn't give tribal spirit.
Charmer elf doesn't have tribal spirit.
Tribal and Fury Barbarian do have tribal spirit.
for Calamity:
And SB
for elven_blade:

for Calamity:
And SB

But elves doesn't. :D
oh yeah ok when i played shadow barb i got the spirit so i thought its for all factions that the helping centaur gives spirit. would have been cool if it would have been that way...
cool, but unfair to the factions that are balanced based on their ability of tribal spirit :)
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