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[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons MC


Author[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons MC
I volunteer myself and hope I can live up to Lord Bogland's example.
We will help you Tindios! :)
I volunteer myself and hope I can live up to Lord Bogland's example.
Was expecting this post days ago , best of luck :)
Tindios can be a good leader +1 vote as leader on him
for Tindios:
You will be a great clan leader, I was hoping to see your application :)
ok, applications and voting is over and we have a new leader ..... Tindios

I wish you all the best for the future (both Tindios and A&D) and I hope he gets the support he will need

good luck to everyone in .com :)

Good luck Boggo and Tind!
Hail to the new leader!
rise empire of Tindios
Good luck!
I wish you much success and perseverance Tindios!

Thx all Bog!
Good luck brother!
Lead us to salvation!
Thank you for your leadership, Lord Bogland.

Welcome Tindios! Congratulations on becoming new Clan Leader and Good Luck!

Lady Zephyranna
congratz tindios and good luck....i am more than willing to do my part :D
Congrats mate tindios, may the clan touch new heights in times to come.
Congrats Tindios!
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