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[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons MC


Author[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons MC
Update to recruitment policy.

Invitation cost is 5k, half if rejoining A&D.

Invitation cost is refunded if within 30 days from joining clan, you do 10 defence wins or play event with clan reward until the main event level (oftel level 50).

When this applies, ask treasurer or deputy for a refund.
Dear Candidates,

since today, rewards for defenders are being permamently increased to 130%!

Actually all net profits from facilities will be distributed to defenders!

Happy defending!

Why I believe rewards should be as high as possible?
- because defenders should be happy
- defenders should fill spots quickly
- we need as many active defenders as possibe
- our recruiters should know our strengths and feel confident to describe it to candidates

If you like to join us, write to our recruiters, deputy or me.
Dear Candidates,

3 new depository access locations have been built: Kingdom Castle, Bear Mountain, Shining Spring.

Now you can access depository from 100% of provinces with no more than 1 move without premium mount!

All added locations are at least good in salaries so you can stay in one of them for enroll.

This is also good information for smiths - now you can repair artifacts without much travelling.

P.S. Today 2 backpack items have been added to depository - cheap to rent and good for defences.
Dear Candidates,

today, together with Lesnaya, we have updated player profiles with presumed language of contact [ENG] for English or [RU] for Russian.

I hope the change will help you in choosing language of contact to your clanmates and make new friends in the game :)
Dear Candidates, depository was stocked extra with premium shop-like artifacts for the event.
Dear Candidates, our deep depository with 270 items paid off. Thanks to launching rent on spare items, we can cope even with 40+ rented items simultaneusly and 10+ broken items. Only today I have launched 5 extra items from reserve to serve the needs of the event.

Happy fighting the settlement defence!
Within last week, 2 extra mirrors added to inventory, 2 enchanted wespons and commemorative coin. Summertime is good to look for more used weapons with enchant 50-60% bonus.
Dear Candidates,

today we have freed up spaces for new recruitment so consider us wehen looking for clan.

Also we announced yesterday to pay out rewards for TOP 15 achievers in the Pirate event.

Want to join?
Write to Recruiter, Deputy or me.
Our clan is open for new players who feel like helping the community.

Do you want to be recruiter, herald, chronicler or even storekeeper? Do you look for untypical role? Everything is possible.

Write me what you want to do in the clan and we will make it happen and work on your way to it!
Extra clan rewards to TOP 15 players during Pirate event have been just paid out, congratulations!
3 new members joined us within last week. You can join us too!
Another 4 new members joined us. We have also improved event score.
Dear Members,

today new weapon has been added with very good price and nice parameters:

'Robber`s simple dagger [I9E9A9W9F9]' [33/59] - 499/battle

Weapon can be used from Combat Level 5 so very friendly to new players.

You might wonder why clan has low gold balance but this is because we constantly invest in depository which is well priced and with most wanted and leased artifacts.

This event is much easier to pass if you have good depository so enjoy and pass as many levels as you can. Happy playing!
Dear Members,

we have a new item in depository, probably the best weapon in depository in price to power:

'Great leader sword [I10E10A10W10F10]' [81/92]
Price 599/battle

Very good for defences and events. Now players who take part in defences, can earn even more gold because of decreasing cost of leasing weapons.
I would like to thank you for our clan member Articuno for stepping up and becoming recruiter. By having constant inflow of new active members, we can maintain our position and rewards for members.
If you want to take part in supporting clan, take part in defences, events or volunteer in other activities as there are many ideas what can be done.
Dear Members,

2 new great artifacts added to our storage in recent days:

'Enchanted khopesh [E10A10W10F10]' [72/80]

'Bow of light [I10E10A10W10F10]' [28/76]

The prices for those artifacts are below market and below other prices in depository because it was bought at a bargain price below cost of making. Great for defences and combats without artifact restrictions.

Dear Members,

we just added new armor to depository

Battleplate of sun [D10E10A10W10F10]
499 gold/battle

Earlier we also bought:
'Boots of sun [D10E10A10W10F10]' - 499/battle
'Helmet of sun [D10E10A10W10F10]' - 499/battle

Items suitable for Members of any combat level and price is at cost of making. It helps you in defences and in events without artifact limitation.

More than 10 new members joined us in August, you can too :)
Dear Members,

for your convenience, maximum amount of leasing was increased in depository to 10 battles. This applies to about 80% of artifacts. Remaining ones are enchanted or rare mostly in single pieces, which will still have 5 battles of maximum lease.

Nevertheless, please always send back rented artifacts when you pause to use them. Maybe somebody else will need them more.
Dear Members,

our reward for facility defenders is really high, this is constant 130% * Combat Level.

On top of 130% reward, we will pay 15.000 gold to each of TOP10 defenders of September (total 150.000 reward).

We hope that more players will want to play defences daily, pushing toward more diversified win count. All rewards will be paid in ore or crystals to promote our facilities.

Good luck defending!
Dear Candidates,

thanks to newest game changes, you can enjoy Watchests Guild points by doing facility defences!

You will get 3 points per day, one for each of first 3 sucessful defences.

Join us to let your guild grow faster and earn gold, 130% of standard rate!
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