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Author46th Minor Tournament ++
Lol worst tourna ever :D
You have 11 victories out of 19 battles for Elf
Let's see if I get lucky enough to get at least a silver with with other faction(I seriously doubt it though considering my skill)
Any other gold medals except my chutiya son?
1/1 and i dont want to play no more. Fsl11 kinda sucks if i face fsl12 anything :D
For rengar: want me to join a few rounds ;)
want me to join a few rounds ;)
Sure if you want a gold medal
Who wins between a shadow barb and unholy necro guys ?
The one who plays better
Any tips for how to play barb at cl15?
From last tournament

for barbmaster:
Same as cl14 pretty much.
Hi guys, http://lgnd.ru is not displaying any statistics of current minor tourney .. Are there any other sites we can get info ?
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Agreed - but no foul language please]
the problem in MT, is that if you now had pass the level, almost sure you will not have same win rate like ppl that almost end the level. And another one is that for every lev some faction are better than other, if for your level you don`t have those castles, and good faction....better keep money, hope for another event, or buy parts
for vrancea:
You can get gold with all the factions, since now the rankings start from the guy with best winrate for their respective faction.

Indeed I feel now that unpopular factions are easiest way to get golds.
Even if you get a bad score
Until you dont fix something with this problem in 1vs 1 battle...its imposible to play this tournament and realy not interesting(i am so angry and with last strenght i keep my bad,words).. I wright this problem before 1-2 years...its amaising...i habe 15,2 initiative...enemy have 14.2...and he play before me...its 1 of 10000 ...so many situation like that...Then i have,question....why i pay my arnaments...if that initiative dont works...why i buy tifs guild....WHY WHY WHY...what is the point then???
i have 5 victories after 27 battles , thats enough waste of gold for one event.

Long live demons.
for 100thfighter: Demon is one of the most winnable faction. I won 15/15
in this tourney and 15/16 in last tourney when I was lvl 15.
One should not blame this tournament or the game for having a shit winning ratio, i agree some factions have more counters than others in 1v1(that's why we have a percentile system now) but that in no sense mean it cannot get a gold. You cannot use some random shitty build/arts and complain about this tournament being unfair.
You cannot use some random shitty build/arts and complain about this tournament being unfair.

You must be new here :P
for 100thfighter:
Your talents don't look right to me.

Last MT demon's build with 15/15 at lvl 14.
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