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Coronavirus Threat


AuthorCoronavirus Threat
for Mammary:
I know right, it's stupid how they're not launching event, or taking so much time.

They still might. But remember they also have their issues to deal with as well.
*Cough* *cough*
India on lockdown now for 21 days..
Bali on Silent Day or Nyepi today, tomorrow we do lockdown for a few day coz at my town we found 5 people had corona after back from cruise. Seriously, they look healthy for infected ones, just little fever.
for Magier:
At Indonesia, people more prefer soap and water. Bet lady would buy tons pantyliner if they run out tissues.
It's nice to see that most countries are taking this threat seriously. Here in the US we just passed Italy and China in number of cases (we have to be #1 in everything loool), and that doesn't even include the enormous number of undocumented cases due to a lack of testing. The number of cases continues to rise exponentially and we are nowhere near the peak. We don't have nearly enough masks, ventilators, etc. even with months of warning and time to prepare so hospitals are forced to reuse disposable masks. Even with all of this, only 22 out of 50 states have any kind of stay at home/lockdown policies in place right now! This is an unprecedented level of failure to act by the federal (and some states) government. The lack of urgency in the government has led to morons who believe that the situation is not so serious who continue to go outside, didn't change plans for spring break vacations, and live life normally.

Okay, rant over, sorry. :D It's just painful to see the government fail so miserably, and many people will die as a result.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAk7aX5hksU&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR2COUB9H6xZFup0ogh4r4WQBFFWVaO7U6MYa8fuRt32o aJ-v5yuFRu6wCs

recent interview with a S.Korea's top ranking virologist. Its a bit long video. He kindly mocks with US and most Europe government's approach. If interested with subject, sorta must watch ;)
Yeah South Korea did a great job, much better than anyone else
for Lord selfist:
Thanks, it was informative.
Ive been fanaticaly following a lot of youtubers (doctors etc) in last 3 months. In time eleminated a lot and dropped down to 2-3 personaly trusted ones. Want to share a few critical points so far those doctors agree although quite far from mainstream media's pumped ideas. Fair warning, I have no medical education. Ask your doctor friends to confirm.

1) current trend on some media just to push opening work/economy gradually by sorta skewing data and labeling covid 19 as same or slightly worse than flu is misleading. death rate is at least 20x of flu. check what CFR and IFR means.

2) some anti virals may work to some extend only if taken at start of disease. After virus replicated heavly in the body, nothing works but your luck.

3) zinc , vitsmin D , Quecetin (its a herbal supplement) find those and take daily very low doses even if staying mostly at home. If cant find Quercetin, eat alot of onions. both suppose to increase zinc defusion from blood to cells. higher zinc concentration in cell fluid MAY decrease virus ability to replicate and give immune system more chance to fight.

4) use masks / face covers every time go out. dont need to be N95. leave such high quality equipment to health professionals, shortage everywhere. Simple covers wont stop virus but MAY decrease your initial viral load hence more chance to survive. Those simple masks / even a scarf still protect OTHERS a lot though. If you are carrying / shedding SARS II without symptoms, most wont go out from your mouth.
Almost 37k cases and 1.3k deaths in India,
and these are numbers even after complete lockdown of whole country..

Gosh, i can not imagine what would have happened if our govt didnt lockdown

Stay safe people!
Has anyone else seen the graphs John Burn-Murdoch from Financial times has been putting on Twitter? Great use of data.
Lots of cases in Canada :(
But rate of growth is getting slower, so that's reassuring. I hope all of you stay safe and well :)
hey everyone hows the situation at ur countries now
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