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virtual_vitrea makes CG 6


Authorvirtual_vitrea makes CG 6
congrates and well done :)
Wow that's huge, congrats! :)
Well done :D
Stop congratulating vv! CG6 and keeps fighting... he's only trying to embarrass us all!

Someone should slap him!
for Warlock naviron:

Oh not at all.
teach me how to mage, senpai!

Thanks for the wishes! :D
Congrats VV bby <3
Well done young Padawan!
wow gz VV great work!
Scary monster VV. :D
Congratulations! :)
amazing, congrats !
Really something to be proud of. Congrats!
Congrats VV!
Congrats vv!
for virtual_vitrea:
About 140 guys have CG6+ and I think your the 3rd .com player to reach this level.

It's a great achivement, Congratulations!
for Murali:
140 across all levels? Wow, i did not know that. Is there a place to see this for other guilds too? I am curious about the HG stats on our server particularly If there are any who have HG10+
Even more impressive since done the hard way, many people with very high cg get a portion of them from clan battles where you get 3cg points for a win, so generally 2 to 3 times less battles needed. I'm not sure if there is a separate system to check from our server other than to look through the list and count how many you recognise!
Congratz! Well done!
Thanks Miles, I myself had noticed first hand how close i had gotten about the 50 points mark.. before that it simply evaded my attention. So it was not a struggle at all! :D

Thanks Murali for sharing this link with me -

I have used it before i know, but did we always have the link available in-game within the "Top players" section??

The curse of mage has lifted. I recently even lost as a mage to a full defense tribal! how did i manage that? In any case, it was an embarrassing duel :P

Back to barb again and i do love it! :D
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