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Anti-Gratitude and Anti-congratulations

AuthorAnti-Gratitude and Anti-congratulations
to me

without realizing I've leveled up to 17 - so sad! So, so sad!...

I am so sorry and heart broken. Please show your support in this hour of grief! :( :( :(
Lol cheers mate :)
Sorry for your loss, getting Titans with gold may cheer you up!
Man navi. You don't know it but level 17 is epic!

Welcome my lovable yet quirky wizard! It is time to come out to the world, it needs to see your greatness!
gratz, those extra golds and resources are definitely good :)
Congratz Navi :D
Poor thing!

*Hands the warlock an handkerchief loaded with sneezing powder*
May i extend my most sincere anti-congratulations on your level up :)
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