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AuthorEasiest Campaign to complete for elf level 9
Please specific the arts , recruiting and talents.
I dont want to sound rude but the name of this forum is pretty self explanatory and this forum subtopic is definitely the wrong place to ask questions like these. Maybe you can ask a mod to move this to the appropriate topic or you can read the rules before posting.

Topic moved from "Ideas and suggestions" to "Queries and help".
All are medium difficulty. I find tribal spirit to be the easiest and amnitis to be the hardest (and longest).
All of them should be doable at shop arts for your level though, good luck on licenses.
Every single battle need different tactic , if your need help you can check here , there is everything you asked for - http://daily.heroeswm.ru/n/gi_iskatel_v2020
Unless you can do them all theres little point doing one
Thats a nice linl grif. Do we have all levels?
Tbo i don't know , you might find if your browse more :)
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