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[Lease][Part "Dungeon" set and others items][1470/combat]


Author[Lease][Part "Dungeon" set and others items][1470/combat]
I see you've come prepared with a big bag of gold :) The Dungeon set awaits you to carry you through the most glorious of battles.
Rent the best dungeon set from the best person ever!
Rent the best dungeon set
oh yes indeed! I want to reiterate the word 'best' here... literally is the best... definitely... don't bother looking anywhere else cause that will definitely be a waste of time. GET IT RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW
Back around town, shopping around
Put my eyes on all of those ho-
Is that? Is that the Dungeon set? I'll take it.
Did someone say put my Dungeon set on day is on today???
Happy to say that customers were really happy... the stats on the Dungeon set did not lie!
One customer even said "Thanks" and ":D", I think these are some really positive comments about the business!
Please do enjoy the Dungeon set on other days too, not only on the day that was before :)
This is an ad, just to let you know
What an intense day - defense, event, watchers and other stuff... would be nice to take a biiiiiiig loooooooooong pounding of enemies with the glorious Dungeon set *Not made from dung*
Part doctor, part alligator... poor guy, died to a hero with the Dungeon set. The set carried that hero through the battle and it will definitely supplement your tactics too :)
Orifices drop when they see you in the Dungeon set. Grab it on now
Just because I may forget to post here doesn't mean the offer is not up :) Grab it while it is hot/semi-hot :)
Strength is with the Dungeon set
Take me home, victory roads... to the place, I belong...
with the Dungeon set, the Dungeon, Dungeon set
Are you mad like me?

Are you borderline killer mode?

Are you about to lash out and destroy everything surrounding you?

Grab the Dungeon set to help you with that, express your anger in style
You'd think I'll crumble? You'd think I'll lay down and die?
Oh no, not I, I will survive
Oh as long as I've got the Dungeon set, I know I'll stay alive
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