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AuthorDemon strategies for AG
Whats the best way to do SG with the Demon faction? I mean whats the best strategy for both demon factions?
My general advice would be to avoid magic and go for attack and luck. There may be a handful of battles where darkness magic + defense makes more sense for DD, but I don't remember any of the current AG campaigns where it's necessary.
you cant have a one build for all campaign , every battle needs it own tactic.

https://daily.heroeswm.ru/n/aapkn5z7 here is some info , there is more , but you need to look yourself
Dark demon put all points into attack/defense. Red demon is cancer.

Very easy campaigns for dark demon if u go in good arts and stuff everything into attack/defense. Take the defense talents, u do not need magic

Attack against mobs/mage heroes
Defense against might heroes
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