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49th minor tournament ++


Author49th minor tournament ++
No entry fee.

3 elixirs for winning up to 12 battles with every faction.

Parts of imperial crossbow and heaven armor.

Good luck!
Is PoS applied in these battles? Also do alt factions count as a different faction?
Is PoS applied in these battles?
If you buy one

Also do alt factions count as a different faction?
3 elixirs for winning up to 12 battles with every faction.
3 Elixirs for every faction or total 3 ?
3 Elixirs for every faction from my understanding.
13k XP and 8 skill points...
In CG duel 4000xp and 7FSP
In MT duel 13,000xp and 8FSP

Looks like extra 3x XP given compared to CG. Not worth playing the tournament other than gold, parts or bragging rights.
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8k xp and 6 fsp for lvl 10. Okay thats a red light for me.
the multiplier is 2.5x. it's mentioned in the tournament section
There are two caveats to keep in mind though.
Win rate here can be a lot higher than in general CG, so you accumulate CG points faster. And best metric for CG is not cg/exp but cg/time.
Also, success elixers can be used to make up for the fsp later.
I think you are paired against opponents with similar win rates.

Here's why I came to that conclusion.
Battle 1 - Win against total noob (Elf with EFKs)
Battle 2 - Win against average player (Charmer elf)
Battle 3 - Win against average player (Chaos DE)
Battle 4 - Win against average player (Holy knight buffer)
*Battle 5 - Win against pumped player (Unholy Necro Luck/Might)
*Battle 6 - Loss against pumped player (Fire dwarf)
Battle 7 - Win against average player (Might dwarf)

After losing at battle 6, which I guess if he didn't get so lucky, I COULD have won;
I got paired with a lower stat player again.
New year candy and marshmallow works in MT.
for Loafoant:
Experience and skill points: x2.5 AND FSP but to me it looks like its just xp x2.5
++ is what makes it unappealing to me. But my question is, what is the fsp ratio you get for losing? I'll be doing a lot of that I play.
for Ukak:

Around 4.6k exp and 3fsp
I think they improved the XP/FSP ratio
9.7K XP for 7.2 FSP = 1351 XP/FSP
6.6K XP for 7.2 FSP = 927 XP/FSP

Could someone confirm?
Yes, definitely seeing better ratio now.
for Trafalgar D Law:
Thank you! That doesn't seem terrible.

for Void_Moon:
And that looks pretty decent!
Can you use Sword of Cold/Bow of Light type arts for the tournament with full effect?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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