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[2021.02.08] Day of Rampant apostates

Author[2021.02.08] Day of Rampant apostates
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Rampant apostates! Only today:

  • All lords and ladies of combat level 5 or above may fight this type of enemy on the map.
  • Beat the enemy 5 times to earn 1000 gold, 10 times for 2000 more gold, and 15 times for an additional 2000 gold.
  • For each victory from 1 through 5, earn +0.5 Hunters' Guild points. Victories 6 through 10 will each give you +0.5 Mercernaries' Guild points. +1 Watchers' Guild point will be yours for attaining each victory from 11 through 15.
  • Victories are limited at 15.
  • yes +1
    Good to play with elf. Efk hits few stacks of crusaders at once 2 times in one turn. If you are lucky or plan it well, efk retaliation to attack of low stack of crusaders can count as third massive hit.
    Love the 5 WG points, thank you very much
    What AP are we wearing for this?
    I went all out for the WG ones, min AP for the rest.
    Min Ap as DE.. Shrews can do wonders
    Yup,min ap to the very end as DE
    stuck on 14 as barbarian with min AP.. seems would need to go full AP :p
    Just take 1 enchanted sword
    Treat them more like hunts>max attack no armour needed
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