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Speed tavern

AuthorSpeed tavern
5s turns
Wouldn't work, the interface is not responsive enough.
I always play within 5s so its irritating when players take ur full 15-30s each turn to play.

If interface isnt fast then make it 7-10s
Agree that tavern timewasters are extremely annoying but perception of time in tavern is probably skewed.

I think most serious players play their card almost instantly however if you check the timer when you play often your turn doesn't start with 15 seconds to run, sometimes it will but sometimes there is only 10 seconds or 5 seconds left when you can play. Very occasionally it skips your or your opponents turn entirely even though you are clearly both playing attentively.

I think there is some weird intermittent server/graphic lag in the tavern interface. Combine it with somebody who has bad ping or a dodgy connection and they can't realistically play in 5 seconds every time.

Somebody here has mentioned before about using a chess timer which I think solves this problem and would work well.
I agree with acean,a chess timer i think would solve the problem.
i have been advocating for the chess timer even in combat, with each turn acting as a vansihing increment.
-1 For reasons I do agree with Acean.
This isn't chess. 30 seconds per turn is reasonable. Not always people need that, but sometimes you will need it. In combat it is always useful to have time even if you have lots of experience, you can improve your play if you take your time with things to consider. If your patience in games can only last less than 10 seconds, maybe you should stick to playing with yourself only.
I see what the issue is. What I meant is for them to create 5s turns for players who wish to have it.

Make it an option. A lot of us want to play 5s turns and no complaints should my wife be doggy if I choose to play 5s games
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