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Lost a lot of money today. Sold my ETH. And BTC eating a 20% loss up.
How is everyone doing? IТm thinking of buying back in once the market stabilises.

Ripple (XRP) looking weak too
sold my carnival cruise stock yesterday, hefty profit XD
OMG, this was supposed to be in off game forums. My mistake meshy can move it later please.

Yea I just bought back in, looks like gonna rise again. Lost lots of money, definitely not donating this time around. Am eating bread next few days
just buy the S&P index fund and hold it for the next twenty years man, diversification benefits ftw
probably should start following elon on social media :p
and buy as soon as he comments positive on BTC.. he is driving BTC and ETH heavily these days
ETH didn't rise as much as BTC but damn it fell harder than BTC :P

And thats where I put most of my money into.
Not as much as others but I got 4 digit losses today lmao
putting money in crypto seems more like gamble than investment to me :p
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Off-game forum".
I have many reasons to not trust crypto either as currency or as a sound investment. The main factor being that it has a pretty choked transfer pipeline which basically makes it useless for widespread adaption, at best crypto is digital gold to be hoarded by modern tech dragons, the only appeal is its volatility which can be exploited for profit. Investing into companies that are essential for crypto to blow up everytime is a far safer and better bet than crypto itself. So basically tsmc nvidia amd etc would be what i would invest in, maybe i wpuld use 10% of my money to try to profit off of crypto but not a dime more. Putting most of your stuff into crypto is lunacy
I did rookie mistake :( ...
Prices going up back guys
I sold too late and bought back in too late fml
F, when you have profit the best is to sell and invest on real state
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