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14th Aniversary!


Author14th Aniversary!
Tommorow the big day. What do you expect? Anything new or same old?
I wasn't here for the 13th anniversary. So not sure what to expect.
Long ago they used to give artifact sets (Or no durability loss for the entire day).
My predictions

Free: (choose 1, I suggest see ur art dura, go market; if under 50k take ABC, else art)
1 - Gift artifact (+14% FSP)
2 - ABC 30 days
3 - Master hunter license 60 days
4 - Random rare LG squad 10k leadership
5 - FSP

1v1 duels with AI
Paired tournament (arts dont wear)

+20% diamonds
Art promotion??? (Will stack as seen previously)

Roulette bets x3 or x4
Copy + Paste
LOL. Every anniversary event is the same.
But instead of mixed i predict a paired tournament this time.
Definitely going to see increased promotion to suck more money
Roulette bets x3 or x4

Someone please suggest for roulette reward x2 at least during special occasion XD
How long do the festivities normally last for?

I remember the no durability loss from times gone by, was wild.

Are all battles auto also?
Previous Announcement

for Dennis0000:
that doesn't make sense. The economy will be broken lol.
But u can write to russian forums. I am sure people will support :)
Everyone would just bet on black/red and earn so much
Previous Announcement
Woah, those are some sick looking perks for 5 days. If only everyone got 5 days off from RL too XD
Expecting an event along the lines of alt tribal
Tribal is so good already and so fun to play that alt tribal is not needed ;)
for kchong:
hahaha ikr, that's never gonna happen. Just messing around xd
Don't check the news at 00:00, check it at 00:15 or later.
I expect to get my free abu :))
for kchong:
How to see your art dura before you get it?
It will show you before u choose
for Dark-Ninja_lord:
Thanks, seems clear :)
Happy anniversary all
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