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14th Aniversary!


Author14th Aniversary!
Combo with Day of Followers, for those lacking strong LeG troops :)
Developers, Admins, Fellow player, Happy 14th anniversary.

I wish this magnificent gaming community to thrive for many many years to come.

Best wishes to all

Thanks for the fsp admins, the art was terrible!
for Acean:
Yes, I took FSP too. Artifact is even less attractive than dragon shield from the shop. Prices of this artifact will drop even if now it is not expensive from the start.

Admins must have decided that they cannot continue with giving every year same type of artifact with increasing fsp bonus by 1% per anniversary year. Still, they could come up with something more attractive that this, especially for higher CL players this is instant sell if chosen by mistake.
Its just me, or something wrong with who get rare artifact on announcement?
is it me or i live in doferent time universe :D
- The hunting season will last only 10 days, until September 3 inclusive;

admins...fix tha will ya
Auto ambush to pump up thrives guild yay
Hunting season too easy... all battles done on auto at enchant difficulty.
Which faction kchong?
so many things to do, so little time..
so many things to do, so little time..
Exactly! :(

Well, Happy Anniversary everyone! :)
"Personal successes of each Lord or Lady will be additionally rewarded with parts of the Heaven robe:
For 10 victories: +1 part;
For 20 victories: +2 parts;
For 30 victories: +4 parts;
For 40 victories: +5 parts;
For 50 victories: +6 parts;
For 60 victories: +8 parts;
For 80 victories: +9 parts;"

"On day one, only 10 levels of difficulty are unlocked. 10 more levels will be unlocked every subsequent day. To be able to attack the next day's targets, all targets from the previous day need to be eliminated. There are 60 targets will be available in total;"

How can you have 80 victories with 60 targets?
You can repeat levels I guess.
It's 80 points, not victories. We can get max of 90 points, 1.5 max for each level.
Happy anniversary admin and fellow comrades!

both hunting events, are they doable on min AP or need full AP?
no artefact for donation??
Quick Question.
Does the treasure guards get harder after every win?
for Void_Moon: Yes
for Loafoant:
Thank you :)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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