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Account Hacked - Security Check

AuthorAccount Hacked - Security Check
Victim: Xcalnarok (this account)

First of all, I'm NOT asking for any recompensation whatsoever. I'm here just to verify if LordsWM had security issue previously.

It's been years since my last login here, only to see that all my resources are gone. Checked my transfer log, and basically something happened at 2021-01-22, which clearly says that I got hacked. There was a Chrome notification as well when I logged in, telling that there was a data breach in LordsWM.

I changed my password immediately, and I've yet changed my email due to 3-days restriction, gonna change it too asap. My email password is different from here, so hopefully the hacker doesn't go there or came from there. I changed the password there as well just in case.

Anyway, can anyone fill me in with any news regarding to recent LordsWM security issue? I highly doubt it comes from me, as I never talk anything about my password, but what do I know. I might continue playing just for fun, but now I don't know if I want to continue again if there's a chance to be hacked again from here.

In any case, it's good if it's just me being the victim. I also see the account that received the gold got blocked, but since they already have the method, they might do it again via other account. Hopefully this raises the awareness from LordsWM side.

The good thing resources were sold at fair prices, what a nice hacker
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