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Dungeon Caves!


AuthorDungeon Caves!
Event up guys...
wont work on mobile for me
must give gold at the end. good thing i am stocked up. is fun mix up from the usual
So what setup should we be going for ?
upgrading works alot, well i am going to sleep now not gonna play event til the details come out
Details should be soon. News is translated. Now it depends on Lexa
I'll leave combat briefing translated

Combat briefing:
- All Lords and Ladies from the 5th combat level are allowed to participate in the operation;
- Talents and unique racial abilities do not work;
- Only shop artifacts may be worn in battle;
- Enchantments have no effect;
- The initial army is the same for all Lords and Ladies - 4 elite crossbowmen and 10 crusaders;
- The recruited army does not die;
- Lords and Ladies can add other troops to their army. Upon win, the surviving stack and up to 80% of the creatures killed in the stack join the LordТs or LadyТs army;
- Troops can be upgraded for silver, which can be obtained as compensation for the disbandment of the troop's stack. Upgrading of the starting army is impossible;
- New! If necessary, existing troops can be disbanded, allowing them to immediately leave the dungeon. In this case, compensation will be paid in silver equal to 95% of the power rating of the disbanded stack. Stack can be disbanded only if at least 3 more stacks remain available;
- Some searches for simpler or more difficult opponents are available, but the number of searches is limited until the next battle. The more difficult the enemy is, the more silver they can guard or the larger a stack of allies can join you;
- You can get creature armaments for wins;
- All Lords and Ladies who have won at least one battle will be rewarded with gold by the Empire after the end of the operation;
- Upon reaching an army power of 180, 000 each win will be additionally rewarded with the points from the Hunters' Guild;
- Upon reaching an army power of 400,000 each win will be additionally rewarded with the points from the Mercenaries' Guild;
- Upon reaching an army power of 700,000 each win will be additionally rewarded with battle potions, which can be transferred, sold on the market or used to get an increase in parameters for a day:

- Up to 12 battles can be won per day, unrealized wins are carried over to the next day (maximum - 84 wins);
- New! In the first day battles (the first 12 win), you can meet only level 1st troops. In the second day battles (from the 13th to the 24th wins), only 2nd level troops can be met, and so on until the 5th day inclusive. In battles on the 6th and 7th days, it will be possible to meet troops of levels 5-6 and 5-7, respectively. The level of the troops met depends only on the current number of wins;
- Important! Due to the danger of falling under the influence of a mysterious whisper from the darkness, staying underground is limited to 18 attempts per day, the remaining attempts are postponed to the next day (maximum - 126 attempts);
- The rescue operation will last for 7 days only, plus 3 days to complete the battles, until May 6 inclusive.
How many "Find a stronger enemy" and weaker do we have ?
20+20 ?
i think its around 10 mark.

all in all i hate the changes theyve made
I can only find level 1 troops:/
yes, you only can for first 12 battles
I don't understand how this abandonment works. Can anyone explain? I see no option to abandon my troops
you have to remove them from your recruitment first
Need help? Here I give some few hints before u mess your event up.

1. Every day, different tier of units can be recruited. So it is important to know today is the day u can get tier 1 units ONLY. This is important because for players who want to utilize tier 1 units, go for the SPECIFIC TIER 1 UNIT u want. Don't get a bunch. Why? Because if u get a whole mixture of tier 1 units, u will have a little of everything and then end up not being able to use any stack in the late game. Better to say target GREMLINS, and only hunt for gremlins. An exception would be for players whose end game is to not use tier 1 units at all. In that case, u can just get whatever has high silver count and then sell em off later. U can then use the silver and upgrade your tier 2, 3,4, 7 etc units.

2. Defense BUILD. Defense build is your best bet. Somehow your troops are kinda slow. The exception would be shooter builds, and even so; early on still go defense. Be careful of enemy spellcasters, titans for example can kill u regardless with lightning.

3. Try not to let your hunted creatures die, how? If cage, break the cage right before winning the combat, not sure if u don't break, u get the troopss maybe? But enemy would target your hunted troops and u will lose those troops for sure. Say u hunting 38 gremlin, enemy kill full stack. Maybe u just 28-32 gremlins. Better try not to let them die.

good luck all, this event format is new so can't give much tips.
We cannot get silver from battles anymore ?
for -Cip-:
Not sure, but I don't think so. Havent found any silver yet, you get troops then u sell troop for silver.
You get the full stack of you don't break the cage
for labangiul5:
share battle?
We cannot get silver from battles anymore ?
for -Cip-:
We can't now. We can receive a silver just after disband the troops
a stupid question...does mixing of faction effects on morale - i.e. hall of unity in portal events.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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