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Question regarding additional character

AuthorQuestion regarding additional character
I had two accounts, do not wish to name them here. One was my main and second was my additional character. The main character's descrpiton included the name of additional character and the additional character's description included the name of main character.

Due to breaking some rules my main character got jailed and blocked. But then at the same time my additional character was blocked too. It had no transfers whatsoever with anyone at all. I am just furious with the fact that would they simply ban characters without even checking anything just because they're on the same IP?

Note - I have no issue with my main character getting blocked. The problem is with the additional character.
Can anyone clarify it for me?
What is the question here?

A bit unfortunate but if you're caught cheating on your accounts bad things happen. What do you expect?
A bit unfortunate

I'm sorry but isn't one of the purposes of having an additional character is so you can switch to use it in case your main gets blocked or something?

What do you expect?
Not getting blocked by whoever is doing it and isn't using their brain, because I don't see a single rule that states my character should have been blocked.
Actually seems to be a mistake. You can make an appeal if your alt account did not in fact make any transfers or transactions on market that would violate the rules.

You can find more info here


I should tell you right away that the process of getting unlocked may be tedious and will require lot of patience, so I recommend you to proceed only if you truly care about that alt account.
Also, you might check the section in general rules about additional chars. There are some rather arbitrary rules related to combat level and activities permissible for alts relative to main character. Making your case that your alt account did not break rules has a prerequisite that you first know the rules.
Went through the rules again, did not find a single rule I had broken. Was it just because I wrote additional character, main character in English then? Does it need to be in Russian now?

for virtual_vitrea:
Thanks for the way to apply for an unblock. I will try and see if I can go through it.
Was it just because I wrote additional character, main character in English then? Does it need to be in Russian now?

No that is not your reason. If you don't share account name (which is okay), its hard to tell. All anyone can evaluate is based on your own assurance that you didn't do anything wrong. You can PM me with the account name or someone else you trust to be able to find the cause.
Well, I am not here to make an official appeal and I am only speaking the truth because I want to know why was I blocked. Also, I can't PM before I reach CL 4.

So as even if I share the account name, the personal information would be not visible. My transfer log contains -
1. Castle Constructions
2. Selling normal resources like wood/ore/gems.. on the market and normal price.
3. Receiving reward from Empire for ST.

That's all of my transactions.
okay! good luck to you :)
Well, I guess there must be no other points to this. Probably should be a mistake.
Thanks for the help!
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