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AuthorDouble or nothing
After the event ends, you can select the double or nothing choice.
You can do this max of twice.

Example u get 100k reward. Choose double or nothing.
If win u get 200k, if lose u lose all.
Then u can run with 200k or u can double or nothing again.
if win 400k.
Isn't it same as roulette?
Yeah go stick your reward on black
Isn't it same as roulette?
Bad idea, the whine thread will be overwhelmed when people lose.
Not same as roulette lol
Black is 48% Win

Double or nothing is 50/50

Also u canТt bet 100-200k gold at one shot. This double or nothing is one shot
You are keen on losing your gold so there should be a a similar button you can press:

if (name=kchong) {
lose gold
} else {
double gold
Creative xD

I mean wtf xD
Send me your gold, 50/50 chance I'll double it
for Meshy:

That sounds familiar to OSRS, if you've ever played that :P

back on topic: i wouldnt like that, as you'll still have the potential to lose everything and be even more gold broken
You already have 50/50 chance to make money. 50% when you play the event in mid/large gear to make a few K's profit or 50% change to not join the event and not lose/win anything.
Not same as roulette lol
Black is 48% Win

Double or nothing is 50/50

Your suggestion didn't imply it's 50/50. If I were an admin, I would implement it with like 75/25, knowing it would respect your initial request.
Sorry for being the paternalist but I don't think people should have that option because some people can barely handle having the roulette option!
The ideas and suggestions section is nowhere close to what it used to be xD

This belongs in the whiner thread tbh

A shit idea

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