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LG: Secret scroll of calling

AuthorLG: Secret scroll of calling
Hi everyone,
I'm back to this game after quite a while and new to the concept of LG.

Could anyone help me with details about the secret scroll of calling, parts of which are received by defeating the especially dangerous enemy?

Thanks in advance!
Leaders guild is like a mini game within the game. You collect creatures to your army and then use them to defeat daily enemies or take part in the events. The better the troops you own the better your chances and the more combinations you can put out.

The scrolls of calling are essentially random loot boxes to get better creatures. You need 100 parts to get a loot roll which can be accessed from the map. The parts themselves aren't really worth a lot but you can get lucky and get a good creature from them. You will see how many parts you have on your character profile.
Here is some more information about leaders guild in general


This is an optional part of the game but it does give a mild stat boost (+1 init at level 9 and higher) and comes up frequently in events. There are special leaders guild events that you won't be able to participate in without decent creatures/LG level.
Thanks for the info @Acean!
I figured out what the purpose of the guild was (also some easy gold).

Just wasn't sure of the scrolls of calling.

Appreciate the detailed response :)
Hope you have a nice day ahead!
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