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AuthorFreight Delivery
Hauls: 124
Victories: 84
Freight delivered: 9380.00 t.
Profit: -32,807 g.

Almost cant pass maximum fight! ITS hard battle, the mist when pirates woman attack first.
U got -negative profit?
Thats little than when i try leader guild event last time x(
Dogshit event. Only favors fast faction. Lost around 100k this dvent, and will not complete the event.

Why? Cuz minimum 250 tonnes and I canТt win 250 tonnes. Amount of cannons donТt matter, nonsense useless admins 40 nix warriors got brain? How TF do u kill 50 nix warriors which are buffed. That alone killed everything I throw at it.

Garbage event and will not play again
But when my Cannon each get LV 15 + 2 luck i can do more easily. I use at least 120k gold here to rent arts. Normal item not too good. My Cannon LV 19 and 18 more useful than my troops.
What to play when 80% of my army is dead before 2nd turn?
for kchong:
But your final result always better than me
Not for this one haha. I mean well yes, but playing easy levels for the Mg points is better than competing for the top :P

Hauls: 115
Victories: 70
Freight delivered: 12070.00 t.
Profit: 46,519 g.
Noice, now you need 14 wins in 11 battles. Only you can do it Kchong, I'm rooting for you)
I gave up already lmao. the min requirement is 250tonnes and i cant even beat 230 half the time, so im done for the event
Your ship lvl 6.
Durability: 2/50
Cannons total: 5

Hauls: 93
Victories: 38
Freight delivered: 4065.00 t.
Profit: 4,278 g.

always remember there are players with a way worse result so feel good about your progress xD
Your ship lvl 4.
Durability: 7/36
Cannons total: 3

Hauls: 89
Victories: 84
Freight delivered: 5245.00 t.
Profit: 18,597 g.
Uh...at least you not in minus state like me :(
Hauls: 115
Victories: 82
Freight delivered: 13355.00 t.
Profit: 58,753 g.

Ran out of ship durability, not going to pay 6000 gold to finish the last two battles. Not a very good event due to the amount of RNG in enemy formations.
Hauls: 103
Victories: 84
Freight delivered: 11090.00 t.
Profit: 57,730 g.

Played very safe and ended up with an average score ig
We can all agree like i said the last time this event came that this event is garbage and only favor fast factions and even then, pumped players with fast factions ONLY.

Also better start praying to god u dont lose 80% ur army before u even move
for Eddreine_RinLi:

I still don't get how you can get negative profit. You only had 40 sunken loads (mine is heading toward 50).
Done! What a miserable result! I will fire my complaints at the Whiner's theme topic. ;-)

Your ship lvl 8.
Durability: 48/55
Cannons total: 7
Freight capacity: 250 t. to 300 t.
Loaded: 0 t. (influences difficulty)

Freight campaign summary
Hauls: 126
Victories: 74 (10 wins short of the max!!!)
Freight delivered: 12095.00 t.
Profit: 45,749 g.
Freight campaign summary
Hauls: 122
Victories: 84
Freight delivered: 12605.00 t.
Profit: 56,200 g.
dont be blinded by profit. 40k profit is nothing when u did 120 hauls. profit doesnt take into account art cost so 120 hauls at 2k per haul would be 240k gold, with your 40k profit u lost 200k
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