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How to play against Tribals?

AuthorHow to play against Tribals?
Fighting them always annoys me, this faction uses tribal spirits etc which increases their attack and defence points.
Any clues how to beat them smoothly?
One simple tip

Focus attacks on 1 stack at a time
One simple tip

Focus attacks on 1 stack at a time

Pretty much this.

There are 2 ways for tribal to play

1. March around the map with enforcer/warlord killing off lesser stacks to raise spirit

2. Camp in a corner with shaman and hit you with lightning whilst sacrificing goblin

Both are annoying but fortunately tribal is difficult to play and a lot of tribals aren't great. This means you can embarrass them in the early game. Playing a truly skilled tribal is going to be really difficult.

I see you are a barb so your best bet is going to be bait out warlord/enforcer and get the wolf triple strike. Use orcs to support.

The worst thing to do is flit between which stack you are hitting i.e. hitting warlord, then enforcer, then shaman rince repeat. You need to get 1 stack to zero spirit and keep smashing it until it's dead. Do not send your stacks out individually.

If he is a shaman camper unfortunately you will have to rush. The shaman won't be powerful at first but it will trash you when it starts hitting lightnings. One not so well known tip is to hit the goblin trapper to reduce the mana the shaman can siphon. It can only take the hp in the stack.
High defense builds. Specifically knight, darkness demon and dwarf absolutely wreck tribals. Rather than worrying about how to lower their tribal spirit you should be keeping them from getting it. With high enough defense you wonít see any of their stacks get to level 2 spirit.
Focus attacks on 1 stack at a time this is completely wrong. This tactic will leave you focused on warlords while enforcers gain level 3 tribal spirit.
Once stacks get to TS level 3 is when they are incredibly difficult to face.
Iíd rather deal with an entire army being TS level 1 than one stack being TS level 3
Good luck killing a full stack of super buffed enforcers with half your army because you were worried about the warlords
for lord fallen:
Hitting one stack at a time makes sense in PvP. Tribals will max defense stats which can make them seem unkillable, but the natural hp of each troop is pretty low (except tier 7). Once the tribal stacks have lost their spirit, it only takes one or two good hits to finish it. That's why the key is to not let your weaker troops get hit before you have destroyed each stack. Things are different if you do not have decent attack build though. Then maybe what you said would make sense.

In your example, warlords will try to keep their spirit up by going for units that cant retal high like shooters but you have to prevent them from doing that while you are focused on them. Or if you have no choice to prevent it, keep your own army ready nearby to do a heavy counter attack.
You dump spirit until it's at 0 then you kill it... so yes you must focus. However, spirit dampens more if the stack has more HP. This means that there are threshold where the stacks become harder to kill (when they get increased HP). It's good if you can prevent the tribal from getting to these thresholds.

You want to kill warlords firstly and enforcers secondly because warlords farm spirit really fast with two hits a turn.

As a barbarian I'd use the orcs to dampen spirit, retal with the birds and chop with the wolves/boars.
Do you mean tribal spirit campaign ? If so, share any fight where your having trouble.

Campaigns are difficult, you need good artifacts to clear them without any issue.
The tactics you are being given is best used for the alt barb class. It is best to kill them stack by stack until only the ogres are left. This is because they deplete tribal spirit differently and the ogres will reach TS level 3 no matter what. This is NOT the strategy for tribals. Tribals are easy to keep every troop low in tribal spirit and you would have to be crazy not to take advantage of that.
Proper tactics to take down tribals EASILY
Knight/Holy knight: Full defense build. Camp. For regular knight take full guardians and for red knight take full wardens. Repeated abuse with crossbow/warden on enforcers and warlords. For regular knight ignore centaurs. Guardians will clean them up easily. For red knight target centaurs first to preserve wardens
Darkness demon: defense/darkness magic build. Again camp.Take plenty of defense but you will also need a steady supply of points into knowledge and spell power. Start the battle with delay. Significantly reducing their initiative will significantly reduce the amount of spirit they can build. Follow that with confusion and plenty of disruption rays. The immense initiative/defense advantage will quickly overwhelm them but you need to play slow. Do not attack with fiends until the enemy is heavily debuffed
Dwarf: Full defense/luck/morale build. This one is a bit different in the fact that itís a defense build but one you donít need to play slow paced with. With the help of runes you can easily land heavy strikes the very first turn before they get the chance to build any spirit. This is basically R.I.P for any tribal.

Obviously any faction can beat tribals but they have riskier and more skillful tactics involved. For example necromancers can easily overwhelm tribals after a few raises however the extremely low troop initiative makes it difficult to survive the initial onslaught
Fast factions like elf donít have enough initiative to outclass their troops once they gain spirit.
Personally as a regular knight tribals are the easiest faction to face and I am assured victory at the start of combat with these tactics. However if you ignore enforcers/shamans for warlords they will eat your guardians at TS level 3.
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