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August Special Offer

AuthorAugust Special Offer
Donated 51.7 diamonds

5 chests of abundance
battleplate of sun

have not received:
shield of cold
I have the same experience.
I doneted 50.6 diamonds. I have not received Shield of Cold as well.
You must buy 50 before the 10% increase to get the items
when was that changed and why was there no official notice?

previously the bonus was counted as well (even though there was bad translation) ie:

this is just false advertising.

even in the mail i received from Administration it states i donated 51.7 diamonds, which is more than the 50 which are required for the item.
There was discussions about it in the forum, you can still get the second artifact if you buy the remain diamonds you need with out the bonus.

I am bored to search but if you are interested there's a search option down below in the main page of forum to look up if want.
no diamond remains to be donated as i donated 51.7
as stated in the sms received from administration itself.

else i would not have received 5 chest of avundance. (1 for every 10 diamonds donated)

unless the same has happened to you, or you are administrator/secretary, please refrain from posting in this thread.

thank you.
You must buy 50 before the 10% increase to get the items

And not counting the extra that bonus gave you.
It haven't happened to me but has happened to several others if you go around and read the forums.
Sorry for trying to help you get the second artifact you missed for fewer than 5 diamonds, it won't happen again.
just to clarify, the thread has been created as requested by the Secretary and i hope the only intention was to keep track and transparency regarding this issue.

this is NOT a discussion thread, this is a technical issue report and should be dealt with by secretary/administration.

so, to re-iterate, hopefully one last time:
* announcement claims that donation of 50 or more diamonds guarantees shield of cold as a gift
* the sms/private mail i received from administration states that i have donated 51.7 diamonds
* i have received 5 (five) chests of abundance (1 for each 10 diamonds donated), which supports the previous point.
"Donation of 50 or more diamonds" if you donate 46 diamonds and GAIN 10% FREE diamonds they dont count as donated diamonds becuase u didnt donate them, u got them for free, donate 4 more diamonds and you get your item.
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Don't insult others]
Please refrain from insulting others.

But to answer your question, yes. I am paid by the admins to respond to these threads where I have the knowledge. Cal and Slayer are just being helpful.

There is no technical issue here, the offer works as you must donate a base of 50 diamonds (i.e. before the 10% bonus) in order to receive the two artifacts. The chest of abundance mechanic is rewarded on the basis of after 10%, therefore it is possible to get 5 chests of abundance but not both artifacts.
closed by Meshy (2021-08-20 12:12:56)
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