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Sell artifacts


AuthorSell artifacts
Hey all, I haven't played this game in 10 years or so. I remember being used to sell artifacts and getting some gold and resources back. How do you do that? I just "discarded" a sword 0/80 and got nothing back :/
That is no longer an option im afraid. You can chose to repair or to discard..

Welcome back!
Wow, that is ridiculously inconvenient. Thank you on both accounts!
On the plus side they significantly reduced the artifact cost. Artifacts cost roughly 1/3 of the price they did 10 years ago
Hey welcome back to the game.

Fear not as the new system is significantly better than the previous one. The cost per battle has remained the same but the cost of artifacts has come down.

In the past you essentially had to pay a deposit to own artifacts which was returned as resources when you discard it. iirc it was something like 30% of the artifact cost so it was a bit of a headache. Now this doesn't exist and the artifact has an cheaper overall cost than before.

If you had a full inventory full of shop arts you will have lost a small amount of money but this is not a problem.

You may want to consider starting a new character, the game is fundamentally the same but a lot has changed in the past 10 years. Unfortunately most old accounts now have uncompetitive guild/fsp ratios because of the server merge. It means you will get smashed in pvp.
I agree with Acean but quitting a LG 7 account aint really something I would do

Better to work up your guilds through events and youll be good to go, the potions can also help most certainly
for rohanarora:
He has more experience than me and roughly 1/3 of the fsp. The character is a wash. He definitely needs to start over
for lord fallen:
I think you have a point. I remember how much emphasis we all put on faction points as opposed to the unwanted exp. Wow, that's really lame. I invested a lot of time to make her strong, to now learn that she's basically weak.. Starting again, in some other life maybe hahah
for Acean:
Okay, I get it. I stand corrected, better UX definitely. The sword I just discarded was purchased some 10 years ago tho at that old price lol
for Korzika:
Yes its a hard pill to swallow considering you have over 7k lg points and youre in the thieves guild however that fsl ratio will be hard to recover from
Depends what you want to do in the game. There are so many new creatures to hunt, and easy quests. By the time you get to my level you'll be back on track, I was at a similar point after the merge, and I wasn't at your LG or tg either, in fact I only got tg this year! There is a lot of fun to catch up on :)
for lord fallen:

The game gives bonus fsp to people who are low on it and less fsp to those who got extra of it

He will be competitive in CG in a few CLs, just that it wont be right away and will need events to be played along with high fsp guilds

It is possible to recover from that point Id say, plus PvP is everything always (though my favourite part of the game), and he could get back to being good in a while

I for one definitely wouldnt restart with LG 7, TG is still ok, but that LG aint worth redoing imo
Correction: PvP *is not* everything always
for rohanarora:
Any of our points are probably mute at this point. Character logged off after their last post and their personal info now says okay bye
Most likely gone forever considering the context of their post
Wow, that's really lame. I invested a lot of time to make her strong, to now learn that she's basically weak.

Yeah it sucks, I rage quit the game for like 5 years because of it. Abandoned a char with 10k enrolls and nearly TG7.

The server merge was a joke, criminal that the admins didn't just balance them up with some straightforward fsp multiplier.
You guys made her quiet. Maybe take it a bit smoother next time.
She was below avertage on fsp, yes, so was I after 7 years.

You come back eventually if you just take the time and play events. She would have gotten extra FSP. Nice way to scare new/old players off.
With cg being accessible at level 5 she could have easily built a much stronger character much faster. We were just being logical

I started last year. I was level 13 at that time with level 8 main fsp. All others were level 10-11 fsp.

I did not quit my character and build it and now above average for my level.

As, for your artifact cost: When you return back after a while, game would have given you some gold amount equivalent to lost amount because of changed pricing.

I remember I got good amount when I started again.

But, trust me lot of players started again with huge disadvantage on fsp points. But, it evens out later.
Just avoid pvp fights and focus on events and other PvE fights.

Welcome back and good luck.
I don't understand why are you guys asking her to restart. I had only 1 or 2 more stats than her at level 12. It's too early to drop a character. She can easily recover. And do well in PvPs by the time she reaches level 14-15. With all those guild potions available now, having atleast average stats at a combat level is not an issue at all.


Have a look at these both players, they had almost 50% less fsp when they returned. Look at them now. They both do well in events and PvP. Krovak is one of the most constant top performer in events from .com. Please try to be optimistic. Sad, that we made her leave.
Like I said its easier to restart and join cg early than to save that character. She would have needed tons of gold for potions to become close to competitive again.
Unfortunately most old accounts now have uncompetitive guild/fsp ratios because of the server merge
Also this statement is not true. All the fsp powerhouses come from the early days. Its the ones who actually took time to build their character properly that have the advantage. Theres some players that if they returned today would be unstoppable simply due to their fsp ratio
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