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Morale burst and ATB

AuthorMorale burst and ATB
I have to ask the ATB experts out here because I must have lost my grasp on this. Please watch this battle for the frontier ursary hit on dragon where he got morale and that allowed it to go once more so soon. Note the minotaur on ATB scale before frontier ursary approached and hit dragon. That did not seem like FU had to wait half a turn whatsoever before going again.

ok, so for the sake of simplifying things: minos 10 innitiative, bears 15 innitiative.
so bears get 1.5 turns per 1 turn of minos. if bears proc morale its basically a 50% boost in innitiative, basically making them 22.5 innitiative, enough to have 2.25 turns before minos. this is why they get another turn before minos go. this is oversimplified but it gives the general idea
Taking into account the lap comparison (one turn is one 10 meter lap).

Minos have 10.8 ini.
Bears have 14.6 ini.

For this to happen, the bears must be able to have 3 turns including one morale and one waiting before the mino get their 2nd turn with one morale burst.

This is the duration of a mino turn expressed in hero turns: 10/10.8 ~ 0.926 turns.
For bears it is 0.685 hero turns.

The morale burst give a turn in half of that, that is 0.463 (mino) and 0.342 (bear).

Bear waited once and got one burst so that's two times 0.342 plus one time 0.685 = 1.370 this is the amount of hero turns for bears to get their 3rd move.

Minos had one move and one burst, that's 0.926 + 0.463 = 1.389 hero turns

So the bear is expected to have his 3rd move before minos get their second one.
for Marquis Thornwald:
Thank you for the detailed explanation.

Mino had 0.463 turns to wait before getting its next move. Ursary had to wait 0.342 turns for his next move. The 0.342 felt to go by too fast instinctually but I have to agree with the math. I am impressed you calculated to determine the beginning of their respective next move in terms of turns by adding correctly first turn to the third turn which allowed you to bypass the requirement to calculate "in turn" time elapsed starting from the end of mino move to the beginning of ursary move which followed.

Thanks guys! Qatc.
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