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AuthorNew event
These are fast paced
LeG finally
trying to get more cash for donation lol
i am LG 0. tried my first level in new event and lost. should i wait out this event or but LG9 for 20k. kindly advise
you dont have very good leg units. maybe a skip for you
There is also purchase option if you wish to spend the gold for LeG units
for _-PRAJOY-_:

Here is what you need to consider in order to make the correct decision:
1. You have only 4 troops to fight with. If you fight with the rest, they will die and you won't be able to resurrect them after the fight. This will hinder your LEG troops growth in the future.
2. With LG 0 you won't go far at all. So you'll need to buy LG and also buy some of those premium troops. That's a huge gold investment.

This being said, I advice you not to play this event and wait until you get some better troops and at least LG 8.
"Khalifa .... is also good at handling combat charms that can provide good support in ranged combat."

What do you think this means? Something else besides the normal Holy spells?
Don't play leader events at all until you get at the bare minimum a few key troops like lizards, crossbows, wardens, black scorpions. Once you have that you can start considering to play.

However once you do I would still advise against buying a potion because you'll be gated around level 20ish from not having the right troops. What I did when I was in your situation (after regreting buying potion a few times!) was to just play a handful levels and then leave once it start becoming too hard. Doing otherwise you will bleed gold for little gain. It's easy to lose 20 to 30k, not counting the potion.

It's a very grindy guild.
for slayerofall:
for SirM0rphius:
for Marquis Thornwald:

Thank you very much guys. guess i will skip this event and wait for the next one
Events like this are a pain for many people. Many like to play events but many dont like leaders guild. Not much we can do about it I guess. I have missed many of these events due to this issue. Im just finally in the position level/troop wise to finally actually play these events
only what gets me annoyed is that in all that time..i never was able to get orc shamans and also shrpshooters

maybe i get them someday :) apart from other epics etc...
"Khalifa .... is also good at handling combat charms that can provide good support in ranged combat."
Chaos spells
also shrpshooters

You missed the Elf unity event? They gave sharps there. :)
Did they push some update to the mobile combat UI? it's snappier than before :D
Botmun, yeah.. i played some..not enough....real life busy :)
so which spells we going for here

good leg troops holy?
chaos all the way no matter what? :P
I think most people have the same idea right now. so which spells we going for hereso which spells we going for here
for markec111:
No worries, it's a blue troop. You will get it easily, just a matter of time Ig. :)

for Hapkoman:
Going for holy would be too orthodox. I guess either chaos or melee/shooter is the way for top score it seems. But you never know, level 5 holy spells should be here too.
Not really tried LeG events befor any tips on units to use and any clever stratergies/combos?
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