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Amulet of cold

AuthorAmulet of cold
Can anyone confirm how much to donate to get that? Is it like 92-93? Considering 10% increase?
100. I don't think they consider the 10%.
you donate exactly enough for 100 diamonds. then you get the 10% increase for 110 diamonds and you get 11 chests. but you cannot get 3rd art by getting 100 diamonds with the 10% bonus.
I'm not sure if the admins count the donations before the offer is active, but I donated 91 diamonds and got all the 3 arts.
You get it with 91. 10% bonus gives you 100.
Wait what...I thought they removed that. I thought they didn't consider the 10% or whatever bonus to get the seasonal art? I saw many forum posts about that too.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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