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Waywardness in EOFO CG battles

AuthorWaywardness in EOFO CG battles
Is there any way to prevent it? Is there any special condition which triggers the waywardness? Perhaps waiting/defending a couple of times in a row?
Sometimes it is harmless spice and fun, but it can also completely ruin your game (breaking your formation, exposing shooters, to name just one example)...
I don't know the exact scenario when it is triggered but i have seen waiting /defending few times triggers it. Actions like activated ability, shooting, spell cast etc would stop it.
- If a player does not fight continuously, the troops begin to act independently. In order to reduce the probability of troops' waywardness or to regain control over independent ones, it is necessary to undertake military actions against an enemy, i.e. attack, cast spells etc.


Waiting/not attacking/defending will not help. It is made for the purpose that players can not just wait battles out.
It's a strange one, I had 2 eofos yesterday and in one of them I went all the way to the end without getting wayward, and the other I went wayward on my 2nd turn after waiting with genies.

When there are 5 might enemies, your troops going wayward as mage wiz is a pretty horrific sight xD
for merlin36:
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