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Account gone totally

AuthorAccount gone totally
I logged into my account today and I found that it is level 5 instead of 13 and all my gold, resources, combat, transfer log is totally different. What should I do? I am freaking out completely.
Maybe you logged into alt account?

Because your account still exists
No. I log into this daily. My username and password are also same. The Lord before my name is also gone!
Wait I logged in by adding Lord and now I can access it. How is that possible? I used to log in without the Lord part in the username :/
I wouldn't know because i don't have lord in my name. But looks like the issue is solved. Is that account also yours?
Few other people are facing login issue too. A friend wasn't able to login from his old name but it used to work earlier. Maybe admins changed something.
It was my character name before the merge with RU server. But after that it was always Lord and I used to log in with that same username so I am really confused as to what changed today! :/
Did they end up creating clone accounts?
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // Post from alt account not allowed]
(@10 Whoops. Accidentally posted from alt. I'll repeat assuming that post gets nuked:)

Yeah since just the last few hours, I can no longer log in with "Khaoz" (pre-2013 name), I have to use "Dire Khaoz." Not a huge deal but there should have been an announcement.
I had the same, i used to have a account on the russian server and logged into that one.
You have to change the password of the original true e-mail
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