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Account avatar missing or hacked

AuthorAccount avatar missing or hacked
Hi admin,

Please check the validity of character Lord555. It was mine but now gone. See history.tq
Use ->
Lord Lord555

then it will find you your account

Character went offline at 01:10, 2012-10-20

lord555 is there, nobody played since 2012 on that character, I believe you can make a better cl 4 character than that one today.

for ProZyk: :D
The character was level 12..not the one level 4 ones u see...my last login was in year 2020...and i am kinda sure coz i have my main avatar...i really dunno what happen to it..all that time put in to build it..
Thanks prozyk..found it..changed name lol..sorry for the trouble
Yes this is my other avatar...i guess i changed itsname n forgot about it..sorry
Good that you have find it.
You have to make clear which one is the main and which one is the alt and read the rules about alts to avoid any future trouble on both.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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