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Dungeon Caves


AuthorDungeon Caves
Here we go
Pay attention to this new rule (at least I don't recall this was in the previous dungeon events):

Important!You can recruit one stack no more than 4 times. After that, they will stop appearing to you.
Shield again!!!
Shield again!!!
What Shield? Union? Adventure? Walker?
How do we gain Silver? When does the 'Disband' option become available?
for Eddreine_RinLi:

Important!You can recruit one stack no more than 4 times. After that, they will stop appearing to you.

If this is the case, then you are best off waiting until the final 4 battles of the day to recruit your target creature, therefore maximising the amount you can get
for Vespasian:

part of wanting to recruit a specific creature is getting to use them in the battles. i believe the amount of troops you get in the end is all the same, no matter what troops are used (e.g. tribal goblins or titans) you just get more or less of that troop to balance out, so like 2000 tribal goblins or 4 titans
This is my first time playing this type of event. I see that we’re getting no gold per battle. The announcement says we get gold at the end. In previous iterations of this event, did you get enough gold at the end to pay for max ap use? Or is this event just a giant hold sink?
How do we gain Silver? When does the 'Disband' option become available?

You can click “remove” under any of your unit types, then go to their faction tab and you’ll be able to dismiss them for their worth in silver. You don’t need to wait I upgraded my goblins to archers and sentries to veterans on day 1.

It isn’t very intuitive…
for diversecity:

If you don't always aim for the max army strength and lose too many battles, the gold at the end should be about balance off your expense.
I didn't see a awful event in long time. That or it's just me playing extremely bad the event.
Total army strength: 18,192
Victories / Combats: 6 / 15
I'm not very happy playing with a bunch of bad units full arted just to miserably lose vs not even maxed enemy.
Last event was more rewardful and full of goodies.
I'm curious about you guys, what do you think?
Total army strength: 21,726
Victories / Combats: 12 / 14

Silver available: 2,718

HG points: 0
MG points: 0
elements: 0
armaments: 4
battle potions: 0
parts of Magma shield: 2
parts of Heaven ring: 2
Good day for me as i didnt knew how to upgrade units and twke silver. Guess whay i found it after u finished all my battles
@ setsuno

this event is all about knowing what your chosen units can face off vs and win while pushing the difficulty to get the higheat score possible.

things i look for are heavy melle units that i can easily bait in and kill 1 by 1,

things i avoid, especially early on: high stacks of poisoners, lizards, gremlin wreckers, ascetics patriarchs lores, wardens.

this is a good example of EXACTLY what i look for, something to bait in and handle with ease. will be able to expand my opponent list a bit more when i get orc shamans on day 3 to reduce shooters/retal damage taken.
Total army strength: 142,820
Victories / Combats: 24 / 32

Silver available: 1,016

pretty good for day 2. hopefully will stay in top 10
What creatures u aim for upgrades ?
I want termagrants and wardens
Total army strength: 50,820
Victories / Combats: 24 / 26

Silver available: 1,511
i aim for units that have crazy upgrades, comparatively to base units. like gargoyles into grotesques are insane upgrade. imps into spawns, fk into forest brethren etc.
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