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Dungeon Caves


AuthorDungeon Caves
for SirM0rphius:

My lvl7 means the same as your tier one. :-D
Accidentally sell my cerberus with 30k power. So unlucky
this event went bad for me but the gold reward seems quite ok...art ofc sucks with a dura of 48

Total army strength: 490,095
Victories / Combats: 61 / 126

Reward: 123,593
Total army strength: 305,137
Victories / Combats: 84 / 100

Silver available: 3,029

HG points: 10
MG points: 0
elements: 4
armaments: 28
battle potions: 0
parts of Magma shield: 20
parts of Heaven ring: 20Claimed reward:60,750
for jahadad:

The dura of art depends on your final army strength.
You may have played like what I did at the beginning, pushing to the limit without keeping track of the losses. Around battle 60, I realized that I had used up all the 42 allowed losses and played safe afterwards. Could only get 80 wins eventually. But the results were not too bad: 700K army strength and the 185K gold reward pretty much covers my art expenses.
fot bp99:

yes indeed, had decent start start and totally ignored my losses but I never aimed for a high dura art.
overall it was fun and I am happy with the gold given
for jahadad:
yes indeed, had decent start start and totally ignored my losses

I guess sometimes playing safe is better :)))
Total army strength: 661,991
Victories / Combats: 84 / 99
Claimed reward:154,545
Awesome how just as usual the events top finishers are dominated by low levels. Even more great how a newly created account of just four days took first place and then got banned because obviously it was a multi, but no repercussions to their main account, so in short business as usual. The admins really know how to make an event balanced equally for all levels and uphold "fair" play. Bravo to them once again.
agreed. honestly events should be 10+ to avoid such issues and to make it easier to balance so less work for our overworked admins :)
where is the new event? :(
for Ricard_Berankis:
where is the new event? :(

I think with the war going on, admins are buying time. We've seen a decrease in the frequency and no clan events ;)
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