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Best place for vacations

AuthorBest place for vacations
Which do you like?
Would it be beach or mountains?
i would say beach but is i grow older i think the silence of the mountain is unvuluable
I recommend the Caribbean islands if you wanna go to a beach. It is very beautiful, sort of what you imagine a quintessential perfect beach vacation experience. I've traveled to a lot of different countries, but this place was very special. It easily became an unforgettable experience.

I don't know much about mountains though. Hiking and other activities where you have to physically overexert yourself isn't my idea of fun lol.
Personally, I love a hike, just nice to get some fresh air, have a walk, reach the end of something and enjoy it :)
Both, and Crete island in grecce have them, and the best food you can find, the paradise.
I am going to vist Switzerland in a couple of months, any suggestions as where to explore some beautiful countryside apart from the cliche tourist spots?
I am going to vist Switzerland in a couple of months, any suggestions as where to explore some beautiful countryside apart from the cliche tourist spots?

Asked a friend at work, suggested

1. Bernina Express train from Tirano to St Moritz or Chur is just amazing.
2.Glacier express train from St Moritz to Zermatt is very nice as well, but can be skipped. Alternatively you can also take local trains from Chur to Zermatt via Andrermatt
3.Zermatt - lies below the iconic Matterhorn. You cannot go to Switzerland without visiting it.
4.Interlaken area (next to Lauterbrunnen )- personally I stayed in Grindelwald and Murren. Likely the most beautiful valley in Europe. Murren is a small village located in mountains and normally reached by a cable car. Some hotels were offering a free mountain pass which included a free lift to Schillthorn - a 2970m peak.
5.Gelmer Funicular near Bern
He also recommended a helicopter ride from Lauterbrunnen to Jungfraujoch
for Meshy:
Ask your friend how much is the cost for that trip including everything you suggested? I'm curious how it compares.
Mountains for sure

Recently went to Atlas mountains in Morocco, Mont Blanc coming up this summer. If any of you travel to the UK Snowdonia and Scottish highlands are well worth a visit.
no no all these mountain lovers are annoying.
Thanks mesh, that helps
What about Sardinia lads? I'll planning to visit it in October.
Is it worth to go?
when you are young and strong , try every place.

its will be hard once you get old.
come to Kerala - India its Gods Own Country.
beautiful beaches and mountains
Kerala is truly beautiful. Rather than the city, I visited a small town almost 10 years ago which was like an hour drive from the airport in Calicut. This memory takes me back amidst the forests and unrelenting rain. I remember eating their parotha and curry beef in a down-to-earth restaurant, I still can't get over how good it all was. Some of the best food I have had until this day. Food to die for. I never could speak their language, it's super tough, but there was a lot of natural beauty around and unforgettable memories from that place.
This is also a good list:

I want to go to Peru and Kenya. I hear that their food is incredible :P

Imo they should get rid of Arizona from the #2 spot. I went to see the Grand Canyon and felt underwhelmed.
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