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Enroll without code?


AuthorEnroll without code?
i see i can enroll without code
Same! Think its permanent?

(I wouldnt get my hopes up)
its a nice adition for me as i sometimes want to do things fast and log out
I dont like it,
Always have to prove I aint a bot and search for bikes, traffic lights,... to train the google AI

Code is quicker for me
Wow! This is GREAT! :)

One Pick-Click
and you're HIRED!
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // On request]
Now I can labb while in a meeting! Hope it stays like this!
Lol and this introduces more auto-enroller scripts to the game
Looks like it's back to the way it was :(
maybe they have given like 5-10 enrolls per day with a button. I just enrolled and used a button instead of the 6 digit code.
So far it is still there as a feature, so hope it is not just a test version
Hope this will not mean more cheating !
I had to use captcha again :-(
Code is back
Has the code being replaced by a button happened before?
Not to my knowledge. But I think it's limited to daily uses. Let's see what happens after reset.
As it seems its around 5 or 6 times and then a code pretty usefull
Code is back

Not for me. I just used the one-click to enroll a minute ago.
But could be related to the situation: I do have workaholic penalty.
I feel like I only get a code when I have won at least one battle before
I just got the one click enroll again... is it based on time of day?
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