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Enroll without code?


AuthorEnroll without code?
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // Let's not dwell on this nor give info about it.]
Yes I agree with ProZyk, this LG potion gives a nice boost! I absolutely did not type the captcha 30,000 times :D!

I came back with like 9000 point in LG, the potion motivates me more to Lab then the acctual guild does (9 points each).
While the potion is very useful I admit, you seem to misrepresent how long it has been around. Not very long, which means not a lot of your points can be attributed to that. And it does bring you to the average quickly but then you're back to the standard rate. It is certainly a good thing to have though especially when you've quit the game for several years and need catching up.
Not very long, which means not a lot of your points can be attributed to that.

Well, before (2010-2016) I never cared to Lab for cash, only had 8470 lab at CL 17. Came back and in the past two CL I got about 19.500 points in less than a year. So yeah, I have about 2/3 of my points thanks to that boost. And that's what I meant, I lab less without the potion than I do with the potion active (the 9 points stimulate me more to lab).

I will catch up again, that is true and then my Lab ratio of 10-12x a day will be dropping to like 5-6 ish. Probably the 5 times I can press the pickaxe ;).

Unless the admin decides to prolong the pickaxe clicking :p Makes it so much easier to lab while being in a meeting or while driving the train etc...
No. I went from Lg8 to LG10 with that potion. Which is more than half all my points. The multiplier it provides is HUGE (6x)>

Also, I don't see why you removed that post :(
I got fined 3kk for scripts. So definitely a disclaimer there. Not encouraging anybody to be outrageous with scripts.
for Arcanide:
good for you. As i said, it is very useful for those who quit the game for several years and then come back. That is precisely your case.
they should make a potion for gamblers guild to
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