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Pirate's Siege


AuthorPirate's Siege
Hauls: 48
Victories: 48
Freight delivered: 4305.00 t.
Profit: 21,321 g.

150ton still fine with Dark elf.
Canon lv5 strength LV 13 (4 canon).
It is possible to finish event without cannons with cargo max-5t?
I kinda struggle at even 80t on max 150
as i see, win 255/260t without any upgrades is almost impossible...
My lvl 6 ship got dura/damage lvl 4/10 for all 5 cannons, but there's still a lot of struggle at 210 t. Until this point, no loss :). Best profit will be made during obscene night hours, where you can win ~1.6k gold for 210t load. Now it's ~800 gold profit per load.
Very nice event, gl all!
Hauls: 72
Victories: 60
Freight delivered: 11160.00 t.
Profit: 61,046 g.

Individual place: ~11

seems like the strategy is to go full yolo attack shooter barb/ charmer with dryads and upgrade ship as fast as possible while ignoring cannons. once you reach 260 ton fights you can start upgrading cannons. i did mine to level 9 then went to 300 ton fights and have been cruising on them. protect cannons and gg



some of my 300 ton fights. i prefer charmer as i can still cast with cannons up and nixes really mess shooter barb up
Hauls: 65
Victories: 60
Freight delivered: 6330.00 t.
Profit: 32,975 g.

Aw...210 ton really make strungle. I Will stay under 200ton till all Canon get 6/15 :(
for slayerofall:

Thank you very much for the battles. How do you handle enemies with a lot of priestesses (3 groups) who kill most of your shooters before they move?

Like this one:

Im full yolo offense ith innit armor boots and helm. 15.7 innit sharps vs thier 15.4. Dragons or my shooters go first
with those green arties? wow am trying elf to now i was getting my ass kicked with necro and knight i went for min weight even then
Yeah, charmer is the best for the event. Wish my init bonus can be a little higher though :(
Hauls: 86
Victories: 72
Freight delivered: 14760.00 t.
Profit: 76,502 g.

Individual place: ~8

won 12/14 on 300 tons. will try my last 9 fights tomorrow on 350

for bp99. on level 19 you should have like 16.3 innit on your shooters with all innit gear possible right?
My shooters initiative is only 15.3 :( , with all A build and best shop arts rented from clan (cold sword, bow of light, flame dagger, and the rest from the sun set) . My TG is 2 levels below the average for CL 19, which is 2% short of initiative bonus. My elf faction is LV 13, not 14, that is another 1%. Not sure if this would make the 1 difference in your init calculation and my real one. Maybe there's something else I did wrong here?
soldier boots, grace armor+grace helmet will give+5% innitiative over sun set. you need to attack first with this setup so you sacrifice defence as much as possible.
I see. Need to sell things to gather gold for these arts though. :(
thanks for the insight, I am new to this game and didn't know that ini helps over def to be first to fling those arows to avoid getting shooters decimated
thanks for the insight, I am new to this game and didn't know that ini helps over def to be first to fling those arows to avoid getting shooters decimated

that was meant as a joke but I think it came out a bit harsh^^
Finally done. Hope to stay in the top 1000. Many thanks to all those who have helped!

Hauls: 126
Victories: 84
Freight delivered: 15815.00 t.
Profit: 79,798 g.

Ended up with 7 cannons with 9 durability and 17 damage. The last 20 or so battles were all at the min weights since I already used all the allowed losses. My charmer hit a bottleneck back then. My cannons are strong but my troops died too fast before taking out major enemy troops. Then cannons got blocked and became sitting ducks. Maybe a defensive build (like a defensive TDE) that gives the cannons more shots would do better? But I didn't have the luxury to try that.

Min-weight battles are easy, making me feel a little better after being butchered so many times. :D

Last battle:
I starting lose when reach boat LV 7. More than 220ton always lose so i end all with 200ton :(
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