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Pirate's Siege


AuthorPirate's Siege
Hauls: 115
Victories: 84
Freight delivered: 11255.00 t.
Profit: 51,666 g.
Same here. Every time I upgrade to a new boat, I tend to get overly ambitious and lose a lot of battles to find the right level of load I can actually handle :(
U huh, IM fine till LV 6 with 200ton without lose till 60battle. But when upgrade to LV 7 and try more than 220 i lose at least 6 time everyday. Undead are scary
Need more attempts for better results... Played very safely in the end :(

Hauls: 124
Victories: 84
Freight delivered: 16800.00 t.
Profit: 70,805 g.

Individual place: ~375
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