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Knight For Thief

AuthorKnight For Thief
Im planning on becoming a thief at 15 lv but knight is kinda slow , is it a bad idea?
Getting thief is never a bad idea! Red knight AND white are both amazing in thief. Benefit aswel if you have multiple castles. For every thief level you gain +1% ini. Which is good to move your troops faster.

Go for it! Aim for 600 wins and you get an thief invitation (which can be sold for 450.000).
Red knight is better than classic IMO. Go might and take vitality along with your choice of other defense/morale talents. (I would also take avoidance, but it's up to you.)

You lose against darkness necros, but everything else should be fine.
for Arcanide:
for Another Player:

thank you very much for your advice guys ))
Gl thieving, you're close to 15 :)

Both holy knight and white knight are solid for TG.
Playing knight in TG can be fun. It does not matter too much if knight is weak or strong (the enemy difficulty will settle after a while). What matters more is how long does the fight take and whether you are having fun or not.

I played classic knight with fervor/empathy talents. The fights were probably a bit longer, but still enjoyable :)
First of all the obvious answer is : No

Keep in mind that thieving is a grind game and it will level itself after a while as krovak stated. I recommend trying all your available factions as a thief and stick with the one you like most or you want to push.

Anyways good luck on your future endavours!
for jahadad:
the only faction i have is knight
thank you very much for your help all of you ))
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