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New event


AuthorNew event
Have fun
Alt tribal coming?
@Fallen Atheros
Weird creatures. Amanitas has invincibility before spore ball explode?
Oh, i wrong. They can be attacked if they move from spot. So amanitas not to be first target attack :<
Goblin shamans are having highest leadership vault for a t1 unit xD
Will need some translations
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AuthorExpedition in the Wasteland
1 2022-09-21 02:38:35
Imperial intelligence certainly knows their stuff. One has only to get a good opportunity - and the result will not be long in coming. It took the spies from Feurlis just a few days to convey the first important news about the results of their observations. Suddenly, a rather large expedition was noticed, consisting of several armies of the steppe horde warriors. Entering upon the territory of the wasteland, they quickly headed somewhere deep into the homeless lands towards the Empires borders. It is unlikely that they will have enough strength for the invasion, but it would still not hurt to understand the situation. It was time to equip a response expedition.

Lords and Ladies, intelligence reports suspicious activity of the steppe horde armies in the bandit wastelands. So far, their goals are not completely clear, but the Empire does not intend to turn a blind eye to possible threats from a long-standing enemy. Therefore, Warlord Grammith announces the start of a response military expedition. Prepare your armies and the best ammunition!

Combat briefing:
- All Lords and Ladies of combat level 5 and above are invited;
- Allowed ammunition for ordinary battles artifacts from the shop (AFS), enchantments do not work;
- Recommended ammunition for battles with superior enemy forces artifacts without any enchantment restrictions (FFA) with the sum of power enchantments from 40;
- Ordinary battles and battles with superior enemy forces are mutually exclusive. After defeating an ordinary opponent, his reinforced counterpart will become inaccessible - and vice versa;
- Battles will take place with our own army;
- For military operations, activity points will be awarded with which court magician Abu-Bakir can bestow magical enhancements to your army. All enhancements are valid only within the framework of this expedition;
- The number of points received depends on the difficulty level of the enemy;
- At 50 main difficulty levels, two opponents will be provided to choose from, each can be defeated only once;
- Win at each difficulty level will have its own value reward, but this reward can only be received once. Repeated wins on already passed difficulty levels will only bring additional activity points. The main reward awaits for defeating an opponent of the 50th difficulty level;
- There will also be up to 50 additional difficulty levels available, with one enemy of increased difficulty at each level and minor rewards. However all this additional activity will be limited by 75 attempts;
- All main battles are the same for all Lords and Ladies on the same combat level, faction and class;
- Important! Enemy factions at additional difficulty levels will be the same for all Lords and Ladies of all combat levels, adjusted for the difficulty factor;
- Only 10 difficulty levels will be available on the first day. Every next day, 10 more levels up to and including level 50 will become available. On the 6th and 7th day, 20 additional difficulty levels will become available. On the 8th day, the last 10 additional battles will open;
- Battles will last 10 days, till September 30 inclusive;
- The Empire will distinguish with a trophy artifact and a special achievement every Lord or Lady who clears difficulty level 10. The artifact durability will depend only on the maximum defeated difficulty level, including additional ones;
- There will be no additional rewards not mentioned in this announcement;

During the event, Lords and Ladies can receive up to 30 parts of Magma Arbalest and up to 20 parts of Dark Axe!

- The best 75 military clans and all active Lords and Ladies in them will be specially rewarded. Rewarding will be carried out on the basis of the final rating of the clans, where the final result will be equal to the sum of the maximum won difficulty levels for the clan by the top 100 clan Lords/Ladies. Wins at additional levels are also counted;
- All unblocked Lords and Ladies of successful military clans will receive a reward if they brought the clan at least 15 points;
- If the Lord or Lady leaves/is excluded from the military clan, then the clan loses all the points gained by the Lord or Lady for this clan, upon re-entry, the points will be returned;
- Leaving the clan on the last day of the event will be prohibited (important);
- Invitation to military clans during the event is limited to 3 Lords/Ladies per day (important).
for Another Player:

i wish
It definitely looks like the alt tribal is coming. The 2nd day of the events are against alt tribal troops after some dragon battles.
show me some battles. Too lazy to play event :P
Any suggestions on where to spend points?

Was initially going for recruit count but seeing as it's +1% per upgrade... it would probably take at least 10% before any noticeable improvements?
10% recruit then attack defence
for Eddreine_RinLi:
I meant the tribal abilities. Some of them are missing for me.
Actually nvm, they're here now. Lightning breath looks like the attacker's version of the sentinels/praetorian guards.
Anyone have a fight with corpse-eater in action!? Looks like a super op ability, curious what the numbers are.
And what does it mean "enemy corpses of alive creatures" alive implies living in game terms? Because even zombies are enemy corpses of alive creatures ...

Defense: +9%


Increases Recruit count:+6%

Victories / Combats: 40 / 40

I hope i can reach 70 point, last time i only score 55 :(
First 20 levels seem pretty easy for elf at cl18. Only needed cheap set at around min allowed ap. I went straight in for recruit, could get to 13% which gives an extra dragon(when basic recruit is 4). Will now start putting other stats into the other areas and leave recruit alone.
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