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Pirate hunt


AuthorPirate hunt
Upon reaching the rank of "Captain" each victorious battle will additionally be encouraged with battle potions, which can be transferred, sold on the market, or used to get a boost in parameters for a day;

I have just won my first fight at rank captain but I did not get a combat potion. Did I misunderstand this line? Do we get the potions at the end of the event?
Silver Total: 2,425

Victories / Combats: 61 / 80

Few Times i Made mistakes joint player with far bigger level even my recruitment and equipment are full still cant match them, IM sorry :(.

But when other player with barely equipment, no upgrade (beginer) and lower level joint our lead thats more disaster.
Silver Total: 3,234
Victories / Combats: 68 / 80

I only lost 2 more fights than the top pair but I have 600 less silver than they. I have no idea how scoring works in this event. I finished at rank Commodore but I never got any potions for reward.
Really hard event imo:

Your rank: LieutenantLieutenant

Silver: 69
Silver Total: 2,965

Victories / Combats: 66 / 80
Individual place: ~289
for Tuor:

whats your rank?
for bp99:
Your rank: Boatswain

Silver Total: 2,536

Victories / Combats: 63 / 80

My result is very close to yours:
Silver Total: 2,550

Victories / Combats: 63 / 80
for SirM0rphius:

Handshake :-D
Magma boots any good?
whats your rank?

~132 currently but dropping steadily, there are still 3 days left of course. I'm surprised at how well this went compared to the previous event. Though I have to say there were only a couple of fights where I felt like I won because of good play and luck, or lost because of bad play or luck. Most of the time it was either a straight-forward win or a sure loss.
i think if u want a top score in this event u have to play the last two days with pharao
elf barbarians dwarfs are good for the first days till a certain difficulty people who play for top spots do not share this info on this forum because they do not want u to get a higher score then themself
the top 2 clans know exactly how to play but will never share
for Issy404:

Why would they? If they put in the time to research and test for the best results, why give it to an opposing clan that would use it without any suffering.
for techy:
and why wouldn't they? you can ask that question too, as our clan will never get top 3, so it doesn't really matter, the top 3 have the same tactics either way
for Issy404:
Even they shared the tactics of Pharaoh, I doubt that you will play them. It's super boring and time consuming. I would rather do battles quickly with classic barbs, which are still doable to achieve top scores (e.g., top 100 or 50).
for Issy404:

If you worked hard to find a way to make 1000 units of currency every month, would you share that method with people you are competing against? Just so they can use that method and dilute the effectiveness, making your relative income less valuable?

It's a view of merit and societal work ethic. Choose your favorite and find a game that adheres to that. This game unfortunately does not participate in that level of "handouts" or "Freebies" at this time.
for Lord Ragnaros:
thats true certainly
the tactik is simpel for it to work u need hard hitting cannons that is why it will not work the 1st few days block, the entrance to your ship with anubis warriors ens when dead scarabs will block

and when playing with pharao u get less meat on enemy
Bad reward.
one of the worst rewards in any event so far
Even they shared the tactics of Pharaoh, I doubt that you will play them. It's super boring and time consuming.
That is true.. infact tried pharaoh also, but we could do like 5-6 battles with barb while doing just 1 with pharaoh. So rather decided not to play as pharaoh.


This is how top players play.
Also imho, they are not required to share tactics. But anyways you could always see how top players played last such similar event from their combat log. And pharaoh was played like this last event too.
So even if they didnt share any and if you're smart, you could have figured it out yourself.
Nice reward, 84k+ for my less rank XD
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