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Pirate hunt


AuthorPirate hunt
wish we had AI partner for this as well
Can someone suggest a good clan to me?
i need a level 16-17 partner. play for top 100
9/10 :(
Also 9/10 :(
I need a partner from my clan. Can play as either Holy Knight with spells or Shadow Barb with spells, among other factions as well. Let me know if anyone is interested.
So far I have done 3/10 combats
Any tips on playing Wiz for this event? The pirates seem to wreck me and my wins are just me getting carried :(

Dont play wizard at low level bro
for kchong: What faction(s) would you recommend for lower levels?
for Renyo:
I'm not kchong but I've had a lot of luck using both shadow and fury barb.
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // Not needed]
for Adalriq:
Can you share a battle link?
for Bheem:

Sure here is a link

for Renyo:
- Don't put all your tropps in one place because the ayssids get a lot of free damage out of this.
- If you go for might artifacts, dont choose magic talents and vice versa; I assume lvl 7 has 20 talent points so go for something like basic offense and battle fury and put all points in attack and choose battlewise wizard if you want to play as an attacker. If you want to play as a mage take classic wizard and magic artifacts, but don't take gremlins with him because they usually take a lot of troop power so that you can recruit significantly less gargoyles or golems. Also put everything into spell power and knowledge and play defensive because your damage comes from your hero, not your troops.
- Play with better artifacts, for example the hat is still from lvl 1.
- I wouldn't recommend to play with another faction unless youre sure that you don't want to play as a wizard in general anymore. Imo its best for a low level to stick to one fation because playing with multiple factions screws with the faction level and costs too much gold once you reach a few more combat levels (which happens fast as a low level).
Won't be able to play this time around. But classic barb was doing great last time.

for Renyo:
That's super helpful, thank you!
Just lost a battle. The other player was level 12 and I was level 10... This imbalance led us facing an impossible army...


Well, I lead the attack and then level 12 join in. Failed to see the logic.

That's all folks...
Had a level 18 with trash stats and garbage talents join my game as a level 14, didn't know the level discrepancy could be this big. Paired events are so painful and time-consuming
I tried one fight with a level 9 and we nearly lost so I'm not doing that again. The opponent always has the higher level of the two players so it's better to stick to your level. It is hard to find level 6 teammates.
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