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Tournament and mini balance


AuthorTournament and mini balance
+1 dragon to lvl 17 necro... insane
necro were already strong
Elf -1 dragon
CE +1 breathen and sharpshouters
CE got +1 druid at level 18.

No changes to classic and fury barb at this level AFAIK.
+2 minos to L15 Classic DE with a full shrews/hydra build.
-1 horse to DD lvl 17
time to show russians who play better
wtf... insane buff to 18 necro as well...

Important! All battles of this tournament will be held in the "equal" format - for all participants, the effects of Guild Potion and Faction Potion are automatically activated.

Faction potion only works for active faction so it's NOT completely equal fights.
looks like they added meat to many factions. cant seem to win with mage lol, no mana. looks like caster dark elf is no longer strong
Think there is no change in necro at cl 16.still same
What would be the strongest faction
Go with faction you are comfortable with, past tournament fights might help.

Faction potion only works for active faction so it's NOT completely equal fights.

Not to mention there is way for a player without access to donation arts to compete, as they are automatically 4-8 stats down
I apologize if I offend anyone but is this the standard way of communication with the players in this game? A delayed announcement stating "we made some changes - go figure them out on your own"? There was also obviously a problem with event difficulty at the start of this day. It was quietly fixed, no mention of it anywhere. Did the players at least get their attempts back? Bugs happen, that's understandable, but at least communicate what's going on.
At level 18, Vanilla necro got +1 dragon which I believe is the most significant change by far. I don't know how admins did the mini-balance because necro felt very hard to beat as a might player unless their army was debuffed.
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // ]
NOT completely equal fights.

It's fixed now.
for Tuor:
Yeah it sadly is, though the delay is only for us due to translation. In the russian forum (https://www.heroeswm.ru/forum.php) the announcements should always be on time, so if you think something got changed you can look there. Also the balance changes can be looked up on this site, which also has other useful services: https://daily.heroeswm.ru/n/minibalans-pered-53-mt. If you want to access those sites it probably will be easier if you download an add-on for you browser, which automatically transletes the text into your language (for firefox "TWP - Translate Web Pages" by Filipe Ps for example)

Regarding event changes (bug fix or changed difficulty) they almost never say anything about that even in the russian forums. Attempts sometimes get refunded and sometimes not, probably depends on how severe the bug was.
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