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Dark elf suggestion

AuthorDark elf suggestion
1. Equipment: Melee or magic

2. Talent

3. Anything else
For PvE, melee is best.

But if you want to play CG battles, at your level, I'd recommend magic build.
Agree with the above. DE mage is much more powerful in PvP as you go through the levels, they have the hardest hitting spells of any faction.

I crushed a might DE in commanders guild yesterday and he had comparable stats.

Between luck and attack, which should be prioritise ?
Up to which battle you do. At mercenaries i usually add more on attack, morale and and initiatif, in group battle i use more on luck because put low att and high deff.
@Acean did not know red demon was viable in cg at our lvls intresting view
It is very difficult to play well but can be effective.

Red demon is a bit rubbish in 3v3 but in 2v2 it can be great. Depends what build you are up against.

Sometimes I get demolished but the longer the fight goes on the more you can surprise people. Nobody expects the spawns top be strong.

Demon is a bit of a misunderstood faction all round. Team mates will often give poor advice.
red demon is a good 1vs1 faction. in 2vs2 and 3vs3 dark demon outshines them in everyway.
1. Equipment : Both

2. Mage talents for Mage DE, Offense talents for Melee DE

3. No
Mage DE is good for pvp but not for 1v1.
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