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Laborers guild

AuthorLaborers guild
How does laborers guild work? If I enroll once I get one point to LG, is that correct? I see top players having 100000 LG points. Enrolling 24 hours a day will take 11 years to get that. Or my maths is wrong?
Using Abu Bakir's Charm grants +50% labor efficiency plus Laborers` Guild boost from artefact shop Increases Laborers Guild points earned by a factor of 6, if your labor skill level is below your combat level's average.
If I enroll once I get one point to LG, is that correct?
Correct, 1 enroll = 1 point.

There are two ways to increase Guild points earned:

1. Abu-Bakir's Charm (simply, ABC), +50% to points so 1.5 per enroll. You could purchase it here: https://www.lordswm.com/shop.php?cat=other

2. Laborers' Guild boost, x6 points so 6 per enroll. It may be used only if your Guild lvl is lower than the average for your Combat lvl (in your case, you are CL 17 which allows you to use the boost till you reach LG 10). Here comes the link: https://www.lordswm.com/art_info.php?id=laborers_guild_booster

Note that the effects of ABC and the boost stack, and together bring you 9 points per enroll.
for Macware1:
the ones you see that have lg that high have "family" members enroll for them, in short they use scripts to enrolls for last 10+ years. they get a little slap on the wrist because they heavy donators and thats that. :)
I have used Abu since cl 6, was enrolling all day unless I was sleeping since I work from pc till last year where I only use the pin axe only.

Slay, there are people like me who did build our characters the hard way, and that's why most of us don't play after the well made constant changes that should have been from start but zero our work.
Some players have genuinely been around for ages. The game has existed since 2008 and quite a few players are here from close to the start. I have 30k on this account and 10k on a previous having taken years out/not dedicated. The game has a ridiculously hardcore fan base.

The open secret with some of the very top accounts is that they are shared accounts where the password is known by several players. Yes it sucks but the admins turn a blind eye
@slayerofall - can I also use scripts?
I enroll two to three times a day and this is the most difficult guild to level up.

ABC + LG boost seems good but it means I have to spend 78k every month. That's a lot
@slayforall - My first toon was from 2008. Abandoned and long forgotten. Calamity is right. Some of us has been here for ages and after about 15 years, you will accumulate some fortune. You can check my stats. all F2P without any help.

ABC + LG boost seems good but it means I have to spend 78k every month. That's a lot

If you realy but I mean realy going to seriously enroll, you will make this in about a week or so.
ABC always covers it own cost if you use it in the max.
I would also recomant not to use any enroll scripts if you are not a heavy donor, those are not that forgiven for the rest of us. Unless you are a heavy donor and then you can do whatever you like, as slayer already said.

But the map moving script was very usefull and helpfull to fast go around the map for enroll.
for Macware1: ABC is so worth it. Extra Fsp makes your character stronger. Super fast travel for mercenaries guilds. Double item slots. Labour efficiency. So worth it even without the labor guild thing. Get in the habit of enrolling on your phone bruh
Wait so abc increases ur wages too?
Wait so abc increases ur wages too?
Sadly, it doesn't. Or else would be too op xP

The only LG-related thing that ABC increases is the number of points earned, neither productivity nor wages are affected.
If you are below average on LG for your account, use a potion to boost it. I can tell you, it goes fast (9 points per enrol).

If you can not use a potion, it means that you are on the level you are suposed to be.
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