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Topic Date
Author Last message
Lag and slow and problems everywhere01.23, 14:293Dwarf_Master01.23, 14:38, by Warwick-the-wiz
TGI caravan difficulty01.23, 12:514Lord elf_8901.23, 14:27, by Lord elf_89
Need to block .ru accounts. What to do?01.23, 13:433AKA01.23, 13:50, by Warwick-the-wiz
can't use the link Merge - Important notes and new features01.23, 12:354rommel4uk01.23, 13:46, by #1209SirM0rphius
transfer money and artefacts during first after merge week ?01.23, 12:532Lord Misir01.23, 12:54, by Sven91
Portal01.23, 12:343#7153One I01.23, 12:38, by #4201Lord Dizbe
What Website should I choose?01.23, 12:138Arghmage01.23, 12:23, by Cygar
help me understand more about merge01.23, 12:035Palladion01.23, 12:22, by Vrrn
nickname01.23, 12:103Pavel199501.23, 12:20, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Rename char?01.23, 11:563Lord molstesss01.23, 11:58, by Dallben
Holy Knight & Darkness Demon01.23, 11:286Wealth01.23, 11:49, by Yuri_Gagarin
Portals?01.23, 10:028vbFifi01.23, 10:35, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Rangers guild or Thives guild01.23, 09:494one_by_zero01.23, 10:09, by #4201Lord Dizbe
tournament prize01.21, 23:0513debeljuca01.21, 23:22, by debeljuca
question01.21, 21:014aratornas01.21, 22:31, by #1209SirM0rphius
Market problem01.21, 19:525Lord -Malik-01.21, 19:59, by Lord -Malik-
what01.21, 19:154Lord Armin-van-Buure01.21, 19:28, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Ammunition01.21, 18:563Lord hakuna_matata01.21, 18:59, by #4201Lord Khellendros
Items01.21, 18:037#7110rockres01.21, 18:55, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Seraphs tears01.21, 18:253#387xXmaxyXx01.21, 18:40, by #387xXmaxyXx
Do we seriously have to stay at GC?01.21, 17:435Lord -Malik-01.21, 18:20, by Lord -Malik-
troop setup01.21, 18:102Palladion01.21, 18:15, by Lord DragonEater
What does 'QATC' mean?01.21, 17:584Lord -Malik-01.21, 18:00, by Lord DragonEater
Hunting01.21, 14:439Lord OoFosteRoO01.21, 17:44, by Lord DragonEater
roulette script01.21, 12:4614Devils_girl01.21, 15:17, by Devils_girl
Can't sell on market01.21, 13:245Lord DecayWolf01.21, 15:00, by Lord DecayWolf
Sell underpriced by accident01.21, 01:457Lord DecayWolf01.21, 11:27, by #4201Lord Dizbe
leader01.21, 10:228Lord J3T01.21, 10:56, by Lord J3T
Characters with same name after merge01.21, 10:164iamtheworldking01.21, 10:31, by Lord syrian
Enchated Weapon price01.20, 13:519Dragjons9001.21, 08:44, by Dragjons90

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