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Gratitudes and congratulations


Topic Date
Author Last message
Congrats on Level 20, Girlcoolline!!03.21, 01:5335SuperBacon03.24, 18:54, by ishan
Grif -- TG 7!!03.22, 23:2014#7490Meshy03.23, 17:32, by #7153MagDonald
Thank you shubhamgoyal!03.19, 10:1714#9595Lord Patrickou03.23, 01:00, by #7490Marhallet
Tindios fs12 necro03.16, 03:5621Pastak03.21, 09:55, by #7490mkland
Congratulations to Grif, smith lvl 503.18, 18:357#7490Mathijs03.19, 03:24, by grif
Optimus Prime - New Thief in Town03.16, 20:379#5390hozz03.17, 17:12, by vicky666
Grazie admins for the html map03.17, 09:184fuliggine03.17, 12:13, by ProZyk
Meshy reaches TG9 !03.05, 16:2933grif03.15, 02:22, by Wonderla
Prozyk Necro FSL 703.13, 16:0410Cupcake03.15, 02:21, by Wonderla
Lord Selfist tg 11!03.07, 10:2722Mr Bonedragon03.13, 13:48, by Lord selfist
100thfighter --> CL1203.02, 13:1718RicHunter03.10, 21:50, by Poison Ivy
ProZyk Level 1103.08, 14:0416Cupcake03.10, 09:45, by fuliggine
fuliggine reaches level 16 in a sustained high energy burst of activity03.09, 17:1214#7490Marhallet03.10, 09:40, by fuliggine
Aurelija has a birthday today !03.06, 01:4510grif03.06, 19:52, by Cupcake
[Personal achievement][Apprentice reaches his masters' level]03.04, 23:046#4201ParaLeul03.05, 21:12, by #7490MrBattleControl
Gonlador - highest .com player03.02, 03:0213#7705Lord MilesTeg03.04, 23:09, by #7490vrancea
mellor reaches lvl 1903.03, 22:3017#9595legend-bouc03.04, 16:45, by Laco24
grif reaches thieves guild 6!02.23, 17:3510Aurelija03.02, 17:42, by Ipsen
RicHunter --> CL1403.01, 02:1719Naturef03.02, 01:13, by astorgate
Happy Birthday Lordswm/Heroeswm!!02.28, 21:377Aurelija03.01, 00:06, by Aurelija
EFL' old noob - Edwin - reaches CL 1802.24, 09:2836shubhamgoyal02.28, 21:15, by -Cip-
Beliar CL 1602.23, 23:3419Pastak02.26, 21:47, by #17Beliar
RicHunter - EFL's most dependable defender - reaches TG 602.16, 19:1033shubhamgoyal02.24, 02:04, by RicHunter
Bentley lvl 1902.18, 18:0317#1209mellor02.24, 01:55, by #1209dariel
Congrats to legend-bouc in Reaching 1402.17, 01:0311#7705Albriech02.19, 13:00, by RicHunter
Congrats to Me:) Made it to CL 12 and FSL 8 dwarf at the same time02.18, 22:458#7705Albriech02.19, 01:14, by astorgate
Ektoras in now a max smith!02.15, 17:3234#7490MrBattleControl02.18, 16:05, by #7490Marhallet
RIP bro - Jogamen02.13, 22:3992Lord Almer02.16, 17:44, by Levittoux
Ipsen is now level 15 !02.10, 14:3822grif02.12, 07:33, by shubhamgoyal
Congrats to all the .commers who came top 100!02.10, 10:134Night Crawler02.10, 10:44, by #7490Meshy

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